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  1. Carter thats just so wrong its almost right.
  2. Pkekyo-nor thanks for the heads up dude. i am sure if you take a look in the gun rooms thread you will see i dont mind getting my hands dirty with mods and repairs. Sigmaboy, thanks for the vid however i live my Hurricane 417 battery stocks and have 3 of them at the moment already.
  3. cool cheers for the heads up however i wish a company made metal Mids with HK markings.
  4. Sigmaboy, good luck getting anything inside the RIS front end dude, its one peice and very conpace with mot a great deal of room between the RIS and the outer barrel. Pkekyo-nor, where did you get those metal HK mags from? they dont look like high caps... or am i mistaken. I have been looking for metal HK marked mid caps for ages to add ranger plates to them gut have not found anything.
  5. What you cannot see from the pictures is that above the rifle rack going right along the top is a narrow shelf that has small open front compartments about 4-6 inches each that is used to store everythiong from optics to grips, bi pods and magazines. you can see the end of it in picture 5
  6. I prefer to call this my War Room for obvious reasons. as you can see its where all my kit lives. Esentually it lots of gear storage, a small workshop and weapons racks. Ok weapons on the rack from left to right, CA M249 Para, Custom M16A3, Custom SR16, Hurricane/Systema HK416, Hurricane SR47, Custom Alexander Arms Beowulf .50Cal, CA SCAR-L, EBR (Short), TM M14 Socom, TM Binelli M3 Super 90, TM Thompson M1A1, ACM Mossbourg M500, CAW M79 (Wood), TM MP5K PDW, D-Boys SK74SU, KWA G36c/Madbull AGX Launcher. Misc weapons on top of rifle rack. 2
  7. USMCcorps Thats a porno collection of KAC
  8. Victory i am guessing that the outer barrell is the same diamiter as a standard 5.56mm outer? been trying to track one of those kits down for ages with no luck. looks sweet though mate.
  9. Laxplayer19x93 i believe the part your talking about is a peice of sprung steel that if held in the underside of the front part of the upper RIS unit when putting you upper receiver/barrel assembely back together this sprung peice should fit on the underside of the front handguard cap (the dound disc found at the rear or your front site post assembely) i am 99% sure that this has nothing to go with the electronics of the weapon as Victory has already stated. I hope this helps and apologies if someone with more knowledge corrects me but i am sure it is the part i am thinking of. By the
  10. nice one dude... its nice to see a rare peice being used to that extent these days.
  11. Thought i would add these here also as they are pretty battle worn.
  12. Ok here is my additions to this fine gallery. AK74
  13. nice Lid Delta Knight, IBH lids look so much better with comms kit underneath them
  14. so does this peice of Hurricane goodness qualifuy for the KAC thread?
  15. That paintjob it definatly a work of art you have performed on your EBR Bleaumaglite
  16. nice wear on ya AK SigmaBoy... i have been trying to get the same look in my own... have even considered leaving it outside in the wet to rust a little, with the sensative internals removes for safe keepings.
  17. Nice rifle dude... and your ACU's are not bad either
  18. Nice Pictures TheMerchentofVenice love the random bottle of Safari Aftershave in there, is that what all balaclava clad AK toting gun fighters are splashing on before they go in to a firefight these days then?
  19. Fair point RT however what i did with my 100round mags was to make the filling hold in the side considrably bigger then make a velcro flap to close it off when your done. this works well and i find the smaller Mags a lot easier to deal with in a patrol situation. i have 2 of them so reloading is generally not a problem. the other alternative is to make a large hold in the top of the mag then again cover it with velcro if you get it in the right place then its not very visable when the mag is on the weapon.
  20. try this then go for a dose of krylon is need be. http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=20072 I have never seen an ACU SAW pouch dude. Just remember Captain Krylon is your friend
  21. nope its the standard MAG Tan 100round SAW pouch holds 2500 rounds ... i see this convo leading away from the ACU theme lol. whats wrong with your current one then... long as its a CA or A&K one then power is not a problem.
  22. agreed why miss the boots? and whats with the white and red flecks of colour on your ACU pants dude? have you been painting in them?
  23. My M14 painted a couple of years ago for a a stirling Black Hawk Down Game at Carrerick yeah i know the Aimpoint Mount is wrong but i couldnt get the right one in time.
  24. Arnie_o

    Custom Gear

    loving the stock mag pouch there dude... somthing i have not seen before for the M14
  25. Ok Kit List as requested Tru-Spec ACU Shirt and Pants Issue ACU sand T-shirt Eagle Industries Riggers Belt in OD Tactical Ballcap in Tan Converse Warrior boots in Dessie flavour Oakley SI Assault Gloves ESS Ice 2.4 Shooting glasses Alta Buckle Knee Pads in Coyote Brown First Line Eagle Duty belt with Eagle belt pad in MJK HSCI Belt Suspenders in Kahki Blackhawk OmegaIV Drop leg holster in OD Leatherman Wave Pouch Blackwater Small Radio Pouch in Smoke Green Blackwater Large Supressor Pouch in Smocke Green T.A.G. Roll Up Dump Pouch in OD Tactical Taylor Do
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