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  1. Dentrinity should have them all.
  2. Polished the controls on my 226.
  3. Also got the Guarder body on my 226, nothing spectacular. More than likely though this 226 will turn into a Jack Bauer blaster soon with some powdercoating.
  4. When I polish I use and dremel and hand sandpaper. Dremel first with the wire brush wheel then hand sand up to about 1000 grit. Then a dremel to polish it with.
  5. Nice sig whitedingo. How is the quality of fit on the Guarder body and have you tried it with the slide as well? Loose and lots of rattles or is it a nice and tight fit. I'm thinking of picking up a TM 226, I just don't want to spend too much money on it.
  6. If I recall correctly its a Guarder frame custom made to look like a gen 1 frame.
  7. For a normal glock slide for the TM some good ones are SD, PGC, and Airsoft Surgeon.
  8. When ordering from Uncompany there is an option if you want the trademarks covered by putty or tape. But when ordering just parts and not a complete gun it doesn't matter if the trades are not covered. I have ordered that glock slide a PGC metal kit and an SD slide from them and they didn't cover the trades on any of them and there were no problems at all when going through customs.
  9. Thanks. The parts list is actually pretty short. The slide and barrel are from PGC, the barrel used to be black. Only other parts are a guarder guide rod and an SD mag base plate. Total cost of everything without shipping was only about $230. Parts were bought from Uncompany, gun was bought from Trinity Airsoft. The guarder frame is definitely next up on the parts to buy as well as the silver Firefly guide rod.
  10. I was but after a long time with no takers I decided to keep it. Good thing though because the more I look at it the more I like it. I plan on building it up more. The camera I use is a Pentax K100D DSLR.
  11. Polished the outer barrel on my TM G17.
  12. Yes, the guarder frames have full trades on them.
  13. Looks good junior. Looks better than I thought it would.
  14. Thanks. Yes, the PGC slide is cnc machined. My Glock is a TM and it has a PGC slide on it.
  15. THanks Rom. Mine has a gap in the front too, still doesn't rattle when I shake the gun though. I guess it's TM thing.
  16. No reposts from the old thread please. - Hoppum
  17. Good to hear about all your client builds man. So you bought the Detonics frame huh, te black will be nice but I would've preferred the silver. You could always custom silver the controls. But I just have a thing for all silver 1911's. I've been having some extremely slow shipping time from HK too, specifically Unco. Been like 3 days since I got the payment confirmation email. Sucks.
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    Pictures and descriptions of my pistolas.
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    From the album: My pistols

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    From the album: My pistols

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