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  1. Looks great for a spare parts gun. So how does the rattle can paint hold up? Back in the day I always thought about painting some of my guns with rattle can paint but I figured it would just scratch off too easily.

  2. Then I may go with the SD nozzle the racingmanic mentioned since I will be using the Nine Ball piston head.


    Where can I find the Guarder springs, SD nozzle, and nine ball 'packing'? (hopefully in one place)


    Dentrinity should have them all.

  3. Oh, I see. No wonder that slide moves crazy fast. The slide looks great, almost looks metal from your pictures. I've been out the game for a while, I guess theres a bunch of new stuff I dont know about.

  4. Tried out the X-comp on the Executive this time. Looks pretty good if you ask me. This got me thinking that maybe I should make the Executive an open gun too and slap on a grey C-more serendipity. Made a chop to see how the c-more would look like.












    Heres the c-more chop:



  5. Threw on the SD comp on my WE/TM spare parts gun. Not much left on this thing is WE anymore. The only important part that is still WE is the hop up unit/loading ramp with the exception of the hop up rubber.Also figured out at extremely easy way to pin the grip safety.













  6. So I presume a TM 4.3 is quite a good choice as the basis for a race pistol?


    As I may be swapping my TM 1911 for one...


    Yup, its a great gun just like the 5.1. SO many aftermarket parts pretty much every piece can be upgraded.


    My 4.3 race setup.(which is about to change looks)



  7. ViciousV10s - The gun is looking great Vicious. I like the way the handle looks, I'm still waiting on a handle that will work on a Novak cut slide. Maybe I could just modify that one though.


    aznriptide859 - Heres links to the silver WE magwell:


    http://www.cobraairsoft.com/product_info.p...roducts_id=1915(Really the silver version)






    http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=6247(Really the silver version)

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