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  1. When I polish I use and dremel and hand sandpaper. Dremel first with the wire brush wheel then hand sand up to about 1000 grit. Then a dremel to polish it with.
  2. Nice sig whitedingo. How is the quality of fit on the Guarder body and have you tried it with the slide as well? Loose and lots of rattles or is it a nice and tight fit. I'm thinking of picking up a TM 226, I just don't want to spend too much money on it.
  3. If I recall correctly its a Guarder frame custom made to look like a gen 1 frame.
  4. Looks good man! You plan on getting a silver trigger and controls? lol, the slide, frame and magwell were once mine.
  5. Thanks. I put the stickers on it first then stippled around them. These new ones are just glued on, and they sit perfectly flush with the grip.
  6. Got some new emblems today.
  7. Which comp kit ? I thought the only 4.3 specific kit was the JB comp.
  8. lol, that gun is pretty similar. You even have the comp that I plan on using. Question, did you try that comp with a 4.3 outer barrel and the 5.1 guide rod, thats what I want to run but I'm not sure if the guide rod will fit under the comp. Metal slide and comp is next on the list, an SD 2-tone Infinity.
  9. Stippled my grip and integrated some SV stickers. Still waiting on my G&P mount and some metal SV emblems from Evike, also an SD SHPD magwell.
  10. Can't edit my last post. Executive with the TM DS controls and the TM DS with 9ball controls and 5.1 barrel and guide rod.
  11. The start of my open class hi-capa.
  12. New look for my Executive.
  13. That is one sexy gun vicious. What optic setup are you going to use, C-More?
  14. For a normal glock slide for the TM some good ones are SD, PGC, and Airsoft Surgeon.
  15. Yup, it is mainly held in place just by the trigger guard.
  16. Whitedingo answered it. Thanks man. Its the CRSpeed holster made by ROC. I got it from cobraairsoft but it is also available at dragonrdairsoft.com. There is also this holster from Evike: Gun Armory IPSC All Purpose Shooter's Speed Holster. It's out of stock right now though and I can't remember where else I've sen it.
  17. My $70 budget speed shooting rig.
  18. Installed my Wilson Combat front strap and mag bumper. Haven't drilled holes for the fill valve and screw yet.
  19. Yup, I'd rather cut up a beavertail, if I mess up it's cheaper to just get a new one than getting a new frame. I cut the hi-capa beavertail like how a RS Wilson Combat drop in beavertail is cut. They are made to work with a government style frame with the pointy tang. Works great, everything is still functional.
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