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  1. Beavertail FTW! Fit my spare hi-capa beavertail on my TM Delta.
  2. Very nice job on the grip whitedingo. Looks great. The Nova/Prime trigger is nice. Feels more solid and weightier than the TK 3-hole that I have. Although, the Nova has a more painted looking finish while the the TK almost has a raw machined metal finish.
  3. Airsoft Surgeon hammer set and Nova trigger installed.
  4. Beautiful Kimber asinapple8805. Are you eventually gonna get the Nova extended thumb safety and some Wilson Combat magazine bumpers.
  5. Very, very nice. I'm assuming thats a raymond Ho setup from airsoft fire. Must have cost a pretty penny.
  6. Looks like a Shooter's Design STI custom shop slide and yes his frame is polished.
  7. Nice job. I'm guessing thats a hi-capa beavertail right? I was actually thinking about doing this to my stock frame too but I didnt feel like switching everything out of my delta frame. If you have a hi-capa flat main spring housing you can modify that to work on your 1911 too. I have some pictures of my TM 1911 Delta with a hi-capa msh on it some pages back in this thread.
  8. Painted my stock grips black. I think it looks good, nice change from my cocobolo double diamond grips that I usually have on it.
  9. Got my Executive slide in today. Almost done cosmetically.
  10. hahah, I even have the SHPD stickers. I didn't even realize you put red grips on the Executive. That gun looks amazing.
  11. STI frame installed, waiting on my STI Executive slide next.
  12. When ordering from Uncompany there is an option if you want the trademarks covered by putty or tape. But when ordering just parts and not a complete gun it doesn't matter if the trades are not covered. I have ordered that glock slide a PGC metal kit and an SD slide from them and they didn't cover the trades on any of them and there were no problems at all when going through customs.
  13. Thanks. The parts list is actually pretty short. The slide and barrel are from PGC, the barrel used to be black. Only other parts are a guarder guide rod and an SD mag base plate. Total cost of everything without shipping was only about $230. Parts were bought from Uncompany, gun was bought from Trinity Airsoft. The guarder frame is definitely next up on the parts to buy as well as the silver Firefly guide rod.
  14. New grip and magwell. Hopefully by this weekend it will transform into an STI Executive.
  15. I was but after a long time with no takers I decided to keep it. Good thing though because the more I look at it the more I like it. I plan on building it up more. The camera I use is a Pentax K100D DSLR.
  16. Polished the outer barrel on my TM G17.
  17. Utty, that gun looks perfect.
  18. More pics of my STI Eagle.
  19. Polished the outer barrel on my Delta.
  20. No trademarks at all, except the caspians versions. Performance wise not the best, good for the money but definately not as good as TM. Not fully compatiable with a TM 1911. Lower frame of the WE is based off of the Hi-capa. In short, get a TM or WA.
  21. Put my black controls on my limcat.
  22. The pachmayrs are only like $17 on cheaperthandirt.com
  23. Nice. I always liked the TK grip for the short time I had it. They do feel a lot better they just didn't look right on a 2011 frame gun. But it looks better on yours since you have a straight barrel and bushing so it look more like a 1911 anyways.
  24. I think the only place you can get those davidson slides is RSOV.
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