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  1. Hell Yeah! CQB on the 'morrow and it's pistols all the way. Got a PPQ to christen
  2. Will the ERG bodies take a std barrel nut? Want an ERG but would need to swap the hand guard for something a little more funky.
  3. JD Airsoft were selling them at the Fireball Weekender. They're a trifle hot for the UK but the Dan Wesson powerdown shells do fit. Can't say what they chrono at.
  4. Last year the USMC signed a new order with Colt to replace all their std M9s with .45s again. I think that the new std is a railed MEU-style frame however I'm far from sure. What I do remember is the deal being done: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/07/28/marines-pay-22m-to-go-back-to-their-old-guns-colt-45-caliber-pistols/ On the above post re: the Army copies, I have both of these. The Desert Warrior has been a reliable performer but the use of the old 1911 lowers on Springfield uppers brings on my OCD! The mags are shocking and both guns eat gas like there's no tomorrow. Best thing to do
  5. Noticed the lack of comments on this thread so thought that I'd add my experiences... Got one of the first ones in the UK from JD Airsoft last year and it has been downgraded to shoot sub 350fps so a good start. Physically the gun is lovely and looks like a freshly minted Garand should. It's also very easy to stain the woodwork if you like the darker, battle worn look as it's real oiled wood and not plastered in the horrible red gloop that covers ACM wood stocks. The trigger guard is the later shape so more Korea than WW2 and the bayonet lug won't take a RS bayonet which I find a little f
  6. Has anyone else been unable to access Arnies for the past few weeks? My buddies and I have been off-site since before Xmas but cannot find out if it's a UK / UK ISP issue. What's the story - nothing on the Twitter feed and direct message have not been answered.
  7. This is what I am after: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=springfield+FBI+1911&safe=off&espv=210&es_sm=119&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=ycFqUpC1LYnX0QWVloGYAg&ved=0CDAQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=679
  8. Got an old marui 1911 as the donor and planning to add the guarder Springfield frame and slide. looking for outer barrel, grips, hammer, safety, chamber, night sights and trigger to start with.
  9. About to start my first m1911 custom build. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good parts supplier? Preferably in the UK but anything considered!
  10. I hadn't used my FN for a while so took it out at the weekend and ran it alongside my pimped G18c. The G18c has an A1 hop, madbull tightbore, PGC slide and the totally stock FN p***ed all over it. Better range, accuracy - the works. Definitely my #1 sidearm!
  11. Can one of you guys help me? The selector on my WOC is stuck on Safe. No idea how I've managed to do this but it's well and truly stuck: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/204483-gp-woc-selector-stuck-on-safe/page__gopid__2546812#entry2546812
  12. The silencers aren't available yet. When they are, you could add the extra barrel I guess but I love mine as a back-up / CQB only. Also - in case it's not posted elsewhere on this thread - always make sure that the gun is cocked / slide locked back when you drop a mag in. Top tip from a pal who's seen the pin knocked of the chamber if you don't do this.
  13. Yours for $15. I have two and they're not bad although the Black looks better than the Tan.
  14. It's a Kimber like mine. Very nice gun for the money.
  15. Totally agree. Had issues with Viper, Warrior and ACM holsters. Basically anything with any flex in it seemed to whack the FNs large release catch. Cue yours truly searching bushes for pricey TM mags! No issues since I moved to a Blackhawk Serpa, which I recommend highly.
  16. Apologies if this isn't the right section but it looked the most relevant... How do I delete my old uploaded pics? I have used up the space allowed in Sales alone but can't work out how to delete these. Can anyone help?
  17. ... but be warned that their clothing is in Chinese teeny tiny sizes. For XL read M in my experience.
  18. Well the stuff finally arrived: Magpul pistol grip was some shiny ###### and in no way Magpul Rail covers ditto and they snapped when I tried to fit them Foregrip is Magpul and looks / works fine UBR stock is a decent ACM Magpul - plastic is good but the finish on the metal work is only okay Agreed a partial refund with the seller - never got a penny. My advice - avoid them like the plague. If they and there stuff had been any good, we'd have placed a large order by now. Personally, I'd rather pay the extra and get my gear in the UK from now on from someone reliable like JD Airs
  19. Just waiting for this to come into my local shop... First GBBR that I've seen and really want!
  20. So I was looking for a few accessories - not a big order and these guys had it all in stock so I ordered about six weeks ago... Got the tracking number, gave it a week - oh good, stuff appears to have left China. Another week - no stuff, no UK tracking inf coming up at all. Week three - start to chase the seller: "Goods sent. Please wait another week" Week four - Nothing but "we will send replacement by w/end if nothing has arrived" Week five - No new tracking number. Start dispute process via AliExpress. Rejected by supplier. Week six - email supplier (suddenly they are using anothe
  21. Got mine yesterday.... Externally it has the 'wow' factor - totally solid and even my MRP version feels incredibly compact. One question though - seems to be quite a lot of mag wobble. Previous owner wrapped tape around the top of the EMAGs but I'd prefer to do something more permanent for the field (and not have to have yet another set of mags for just one gun). Any ideas?
  22. Correction to the Correction... New motor fitted but still FUBAR. Suspected bevel gear issue so shipped back to my pals at Land Warrior for some TLC! Gotta love the 18m warranty they give - the new LMT will be a LWA purchase as well, I suspect!
  23. Correction - fitted the Magpul MOE grip and found that the pinion gear on the motor was somewhat chopped up. New motor now on the way. This first happened when I accidentally put a long FA burst out (am always knocking the flaming selector with my thumb!) so I suspect that a slightly incorrect motor alignment was to blame. BTW the MOE grip is a MUCH better fit and feel than the TD. No idea why on a magpul gun, they don't fit a Magpul grip?!
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