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  1. Couldn't see such a lovely gun sitting unwanted in a cupboard - PM'd re: possible sale.
  2. I've got motor issues since switching to Lipo's - any prologed FA fire and the motor alignment shifts and she jams up. Got the adjuster plate all the way in so am going to try a new grip (think it may be the base plate screw shifting) and possibly a FET.
  3. I love mine - deffo my best modern AEG but... how do you get the darn flash hider off? I've got a funky little silencer I want to fit
  4. I can't stand it anymore MUST... UPGRADE... KSC G18 So could some nice person show me where to get hold of one of the trade marked slides with the longer barrel. MUST... HAVE...
  5. Cheers guys - got a 300mm that is now on it's way to the VFC SCAR and a 285mm on order
  6. Could some nice person tell the size of the barrel on these? I want to order a tightbore for mine but it's in the loft, under a pile of cases...
  7. The FET on my JG M733 was a cracker - great trigger response and ROF on semi was great. Fitted one to my FAL as well as it never had a decent trigger response and frequently locked in semi. It now rocks. Never felt the need to fit one to my G&P Magpul though - great as it is!
  8. Just changed his first M4 hop rubber and nuband doesn't seem to have totally f&cked it up. Very pleased :-)

  9. Loving my new warrior 901!

  10. Get yourself a Flambeau rifle case. These are real steel cases with a Kurust treatment added. Use these and your gun won't get rusty.
  11. My X800s are very comfortable and don't seem to steam up except when I use them OTG. However, the outside lense scratches incredibly easily. The vents at the top of the goggles are also covered by very thin foam and it's not impossible that a BB could fit through the gap. Very unlikely but... I save these for long games when I need to wear my glasses.
  12. There's nothing to fit a silencer to. One chap (see above) used a piece of plumbing tube for a fake one though and it looks pretty good. Trouble with using an extended barrel of any length is that the kit is a tight fit as it is...
  13. Feeling that I need a Warrior 901 rig in my life

  14. Anybody know where I can pick up a couple of Kimbers here in the UK?
  15. Has anyone tried fitting a real steel wood stock yet? Apparently they will fit - at least AATV claimed so.
  16. They're cr&p and (along with Airsoft Armoury), a co. I would never buy from again. Bought an M4 from them years ago - obviously never been tested pre-shipping as the trigger was FUBAR. To cut a long story short, got the gun back fixed and gave up chasing the shipping costs after a year.
  17. As I feared, it's another WE GBB that needs £100+ of parts adding before you've got a reliable skirmish-able gun. Looks great but I won't be getting one until they're as reliable and consistent as my AEGs.
  18. Anyone know when these will be in stock in the UK?
  19. I'll have to try this. Took my Sentry out for the first time at the weekend and the only problem was that it didn't like the ACM hi-caps. But WOW! What a gun - compressed the spring for 48 hours and she chrono'd at 340-350fps and shot like a dream. Amazingly accurate, loooong range and what a ROF - I was only using 8.4v minis and this was roaring along.
  20. My Sentry just arrived But how do you fit batteries into the darn stock? I have some 8.4 mini crane batts but how do you get the things in?
  21. I've had loads of problems with MAG mid-caps. They FUBAR'ed my SCAR's feed tube and I don't trust them anymore to the point of binning all ten. For the G&P Sentry (just ordered), I'm going to have to dig out the metal mid-caps until the PMAGs arrive.
  22. The metal MP40 lo-caps click in very nicely but the KA plastic mid caps need a real whack to get them in. It's the same when you use them in an MP40 - they're not 100% the same as the lo-caps and need a (very) firm slap to make them fit. Once in, they work flawlessly though and slide out easily enough.
  23. Hmmmm... Get the Bell version instead. No TM stamp silliness, has the silvered barrel cover and comes in a sturdy little plastic box. Then spend £15 at KH on a metal chamber and +150% recoil spring for a kick b&&& sidearm.
  24. Finish is a little rough in places but this gun still out shoots my TM version! A worthwhile upgrade is to change the chamber for a metal one and add +150% spring. I've just done this for the princely sum of <£15. Also the slide lock is monkey metal and wears out. next plan is to change this.
  25. Any one know of a euro stockist for the lovely hfc m199 tactical w/compensator shown above?
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