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    Echo 1 DMR, Echo 1 g36, Echo 1 m4-tsd, JG m16a4, Classic Army SAR, TM VSR-10, KWA G18c(2 of em), KWA Mac 11, Western Arms Wilson combat, KJW M9(4), DE m89, Dboys K98k, Soon to be BE type 89.
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    Puting the wet stuff on the hot stuff since 2001.
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    Firefighting, shooting, and airsoft.
  1. Anyone wanna trade a saw for a masada?

  2. Saw your post in the "Guns I hate" topic that you picked up a Jericho 941 during your tour. I myself own a Jericho 941F in .40 S&W. They really are great sidearms, it has most comfortable grip I have ever seen on a handgun.

  3. Wow I really have no life, guys shes not gonna be interested in you.....

  4. Walton_County_Firefighter


    Some pictures of me at past fires.
  5. Walton_County_Firefighter

    What's your backup?

    I've got 2 KWA g18c's with the extended mags and hurricane kits. They keep people away from sheer terror.

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