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  1. So do you guys think this gun will run fine on an 11.1 lipo? And is there any news on the new hand guards?
  2. Anyone wanna trade a saw for a masada?

  3. Well the screw is still there, Ill look for the cut off lever later. I must say that this is an awesome gun!
  4. Well I ordered my brand new I guess third gen (according to the above post)and it should be here in a week or so. How would I find if anything is different?
  5. What kind of motor comes in these long or short?
  6. I think the 11.1 will do pretty well. My R85 is not stock its one of the Evike custom ones with an m120 spring and a 9.6 1500 mini kinda struggles with it.
  7. I finally found a lipo that will fit! And here it is!
  8. I'm gonna have a massively hard time finding a lipo to fit that, guess I'll go with a peq... Thanks
  9. Do you have the exact dimensions of the space? It would help me out allot.
  10. Looks great where did you find the RIS? And after its on do you need to mount the battery in a peq or will it still fit? My Evike Custom R85 with a Star SUSAT will be delivered today and I cant wait!
  11. Well this looks good enough for me to buy it.
  12. ...... 1. Don't qoute pictures B. Comments in this thread are considered spam which has been mentioned several times throughout the thread 3. Post a poster or don't post.
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