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  1. Best looking gun I've seen in a long while.
  2. Well I was just posting a link so he could have a reference.....plus almost everyone knows airsoftgi
  3. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=3751
  4. How is that nice bokeh? Did you mean to quote blarock86's picture which does have excellent bokeh?
  5. As famously said in starsky and Hutch, "Do it"
  6. Ha jeez i dont think anyone uses there MP7's cause they all look so new. I'll see if i cant get some pics up of mine from a friend tommorow.
  7. all id do to your gun navymp is add a metal cocking tube as that grey plastic one looks out of place on a full metal g3...other then that its good.
  8. not a picture of me perse (through the scope obviously)...... we were playing a plant the bomb type of game....the bomb being a suitcase nuke
  9. babybackribs u wouldnt mind posting a side pic of ur URX would u?
  10. My silencer is 335mm....does anyone know of a bigger one? (that mp7 with the ridiculous silencer is mine)
  11. depends....how long is ur silencer?
  12. my tm mp7 was rediculously accurate for its size.....had great range to. But now its almost 3 years old and now broken :'(
  13. or just paint it black again....
  14. I wanted a silencer so I traded an old PS1 memory card to a friend who gave me this beast...... im pretty sure its the biggest you can get but i could be wrong. (it originated on an mp5k)
  15. for a full length pic look in the HK thread
  16. how does the psg1 style pistolgrip feal compared to the one that came with the sar? .....this is what im thinking of putting it on btw: EDIT: Speaking of mp7's i'll try to get a picture of mine with its 335 mm silencer XD
  17. whadaya think: I think you have a fly on ur pistol grip and you got some camouflaged grass/leaves Nice gun btw.
  18. that psg1 must be like 5 feet long!! Is it hard to shoulder? (btw its ultra sexy)
  19. wow that G36C looks hot! Anymore pics?
  20. i dont know....that is way to big for me.... sry
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