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  1. gotta love the movies..
  2. cortes you filthy man! shame on you! clean up your room.
  3. This doesnt compare to others ive seen on here but its the first gun ive messed around with. Its not finished yet but ill just show what i have done so far. Whats in it; PGC black delta elite metal body kit metal outer barrel (black, i sanded the chamber - no wait, i chromed the chamber.. yeah.. .. that bit is called the chamber right?) PDI trigger new grips high flow valve strengthened recoil spring - 150% PDI 6.01mm tightbore inner barrel Wishlist ; new hammer new grip safety delta badge for the grip.
  4. Beautiful.. this is the gun i am currently building. You have done to this gun exactly what i had decided on doing. I was kinda hoping mine would be somewhat unique but at the same time its nice to see how it will turn out hah. (the only differences was i was planning on getting those grips with a delta badge installed and i was going to leave the outer barrel black but still polish the front plate thing whatever you call it. ) A question; did you polish the chamber yourself or buy a silver one? if you polished it yourself how exactly did you get the black out of the writing?
  5. im sure its been said before but still.. this gun is what i want.
  6. So heres some pics of my new gun, its completely stock but i guess i just wanted to practice my photography. My new hand cannon... sorry if those last two are a little cheesy
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