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  1. pedz

    Artistic Airsoft

    A photoshopped pic of me at ground zero 08 pedz
  2. pedz

    Glock Picture Thread

    Hey guys Since this is a Glock thread maybe you guys can help me out. i Have a KWA Glock19 w/metal slide. Im looking for parts that are compatible with KWA as i want to mod is a it. Anyone can shed some light on this matter? Appreciate it Pedro
  3. pedz

    What's your backup?

    My faithfull back up is a KWA Glock19 w/metal slide. nice and easy.
  4. pedz

    Some of my kit

    Woodland camo ( clothes UK dpm and vest US woodland)
  5. pedz

    Town Assault : Last Strike

    Some pics from the event with my team Dog Soldiers Airsoft

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