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  1. Gah i've forgotten, what slide is that again? Nice gun
  2. Love the F2000...i've heard users say G&G first generation guns have issues though, anyone confirm/deny this? In any event, WANT! HOw much are these running for? Edit: What gearbox version is it? The JLS is a variation of V2 iirc. I would hop V6 but i doubt it...V6 gearboxes are beautiful, though.
  3. Finally got my CA90 in, nice, definitely different balance, got used to it though, definitely a little less easy to whip around, although that's partly Marui's lightness vs CA's real-weight but front heavy. The detail work isn't as good, yea. The fake screws are like lolwhat? But i don't mind that, really. Surprisngly the trades are quite nice, identical to TM save the P part of P90 on the receiver (Being just 90) and the CA trades where TM had theirs. Seamwork is a bit disappointing. CA's metal guns are very nicely finished; however, seems they don't quite know how to work plastic (w
  4. Its been discontinued for like 3 years and was $200 while being minimally better than the G&P, if at all
  5. Yee, do you have any experience with the G&P metal upper? Its supposedly the nicest aftermarket one (and the Proarms is confirmed to not fit the CA)...if so, does it weigh less than CA's? I'm considering eventually turning my (STILL held by customs) tr into a RDS converted to a TR for a higher mount to allow for mag clamping
  6. God dammit, US customs has had my CA90 for 3 days now Its in New York and i live in Pennsylvania for christ's sake. Send me the gun, whores FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  7. Yarr, i got mine from gunner as well. Maybe gunner has **** TR's or something, i can't even fathom the reason for that pricing Still processing atm though...pnc bank is so slow... But yea, my P90 was creaky if you tried to flex it while holding it and was creaky if you pushed on the sides. Not an issue in games, but still, it was annoying Externally in terms of detail work ifully expect TM to exceed CA. But the CA P90 body is made of the same material as their G36 line (at least supposedly..) which is fantastic and at the least, feel better or not, i expect it to be more durable, le
  8. Whatt The reason i got a CA is because my TM's have been creaky as hell The G36c i had was a creaky little ***** The P90tr i had was definitely a bit creaky if you applied any stress as is another TM P90 i handled, which is why i wanted the CA...otherwise i would have stuck with it Lol our experiences are like opposite I'll post my own thoughts when i get it Edit: Oh gawd the Well p90 was one of my first guns...gravity feed LOL
  9. Strange, i've only heard otherwise from others and a very nice poster on zeroin gave me an in-depth analysis in which he claimed CA's externals were by far nicer Obviously there is a fair degree of opinion but i think it should be quite apparent In terms of internals uh...why is your TM shooting the same as the CA? A stock TM's fps is around 280, and mine chrono'd in at 284 +- 8. That seems to introduce a fair bit of bias, especially considering that the CA is $50 cheaper than the TM. For the gears, although i don't have the proline, i know it uses the same gears CA has been using recent
  10. I've got a Classic Army P90TR coming in, will be putting up an in-depth review, if anyone cares At the very least, the externals should kick TM's *albatross* to hell. (I used to own one) This, in my opinion, is justification enough; shame that such a nice gun has a pitiful build like TM's.
  11. If you are looking to replicate it you might wanna get actual P90 mag pouches, afaik he is using Armalite pouches in that rig.
  12. Very nice. You don't see many people with ACOG's but it actually looks pretty good mounted that far back. When the mount isn't all the way back it looks bad :/
  13. But its $80 T_T Someone must have pics! Edit: An elcan SpectreDR might also look hawt ^^ But thats even more expensive. Its a shame that the 1/4x ACM version is going to cost $400...$150 for 4x only is already pushing it imo
  14. I know this sounds strange, but does anyone have a Elcan they could possibly mount to their P90 and take a pic of it? I love elcan's. And i love P90's. Not sure whether i should get an Elcan -.-
  15. So assuming i get one of these, what exactly should i do to make sure nothing breaks like that (in regards to filing and polishing, pics/details?)
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