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  1. azn_tomato

    Glock Picture Thread

    Gah i've forgotten, what slide is that again? Nice gun
  2. azn_tomato

    FN Picture Thread

    Love the F2000...i've heard users say G&G first generation guns have issues though, anyone confirm/deny this? In any event, WANT! HOw much are these running for? Edit: What gearbox version is it? The JLS is a variation of V2 iirc. I would hop V6 but i doubt it...V6 gearboxes are beautiful, though.
  3. azn_tomato

    Glock Picture Thread

    Heres my modest little glock
  4. azn_tomato

    Glock Picture Thread

    Man, glocks are really growing on me...why'd glock have to go all crackdown now :/

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