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  1. I have the FX lightsabre, very cool, but too expensive for bashing it about, better for display only, but if you are interested goto Woolworths and see if they do it at half price like they do at my local Woolworths store.....
  2. Hey James, what 9.6v batteries do you have? i want one but not too sure which one will fit the GR300 short... Regards Maz
  3. i have the same set up as your matey, and i had to make some custom 8.4v batteries to fit ...pics follow soon...
  4. Nice review James, just got my today, hasnt had chance to trying it out yet, specially if it need 9.6v batteries (as all my are 8.4v.. )...
  5. Damn James, now im very tempting to get this as well........
  6. That what i use on my Pulse Rifle, not sure if bigger custom battery will fit the gun thus...
  7. I wasnt too sure about the Ras before, but now....wow it look good...
  8. Nice Grip, but very expensive...
  9. ok had a chance to try the gun out proper, and here my view... for the look of the gun 10/10, FPS alots better than all my other guns, build quality very good. now the things i didnt like, Fixed cocking handle, ejection port cover, battery compartment ( why why why make it so difficult to change battery???? ), no sling point, folding stock catch button very hard on my, i though it was jam, when i couldnt release the catch to adjust the stock. still i love it as much as the TM M14, now which one should i use more.....hehe
  10. Very good review matey, just got my today, but hasnt had the chance to try it out yet, cant wait thus, as it look very nice indeed...
  11. Maz

    Armalite Pictures

    here my M4 latest setup....
  12. try those Guarder M4A1/M16A2 rails, they are eaiser to fit to the Famas than the G36 rail oh btw, here my baby latest setup...hehe
  13. Pull back cocking handle, and the hop up is here at the ejection port (hop i got name right, hehe)
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