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  1. You can put a stick battery but have to file a little inside the front set and then to replace the upper hand guard
  2. superfelix


    7 or 8 other AK"s are missing on the photo group , they are reassembly process for maintenance
  3. Classic and rare , reverse pistol grip lower hand guard
  4. My ventilated AK hand guard
  5. would it be possible to use a Firefox 9,6-2000 ( 2X4batteries )
  6. Yes but you do not buy something to expected in advance to discover that the AEG is not ready to play and moreover to add some bucks to replace rotten piece by opening the gearbox What gets on my nerves is that was sold like that
  7. it makes a difference , the lacking teeth helps to push ,so if i put it on "safe " it will be stuck and then have to open the reciever...
  8. i received mine yesteday an was appaled ... so after opening the receiver ...and comparing to my CYMA O31 gearbox CM02 the same than unicorn ,one main piece has 1 teeth missing and by watching well , the piece is in fact lacking of that teeth ( broken ) not found in the box ...so i sent a mailto the HK shop to do something ....Knowing that the owner is also posting here...to make a commercial gesture the right piece and the Unicorn one my rewiew is being processd http://acsalim.free.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1582 after that receiver good qual
  9. You can find some here http://www.gunnerairsoft.com/catalog/
  10. ROB343428/Nice work I am also working on it ,the most difficult is the fixed stock.The laminated RS wood quality is amazing ,easy to work on it but have to think a lot to find ways to fix the lower hand guard and mainly the stock
  11. An VFC AKS74 converted in Black polymer in 20 minutes http://acsalim.free.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1396
  12. My East german MPiAKS 74 N More here : http://acsalim.free.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1300 and an "romanian " RPK-S
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