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  1. niust

    KJW M4

    since nobody know about the problem.... i ordered 5 mags... and every out flow valves rubber have problem... after 30 rounds... every mag got this problem.. i have to order key valve and readjust o-ring .. and greased it up... now the problem is gone.. look like the o-ring were too loose in my all magazines... I think i will use standard gas now... P
  2. niust

    KJW M4

    problem ..i just got the gun last week.. yah! then,. after the a few mags shot.. the mag outflow valve rubber was out it place .. so all gas just PUF...gas all gone at once,..n i have to fix it... then during the game.. I manage to broke 2 more mags..same problem. i just used green gas on semi... temp here in bangkok 32c or 90f.. humidity 80% .. was this a common problem for any of u ... or i just got lemon mags.. ?? can any one give me an idea how to prevent this... did i just filled the mag too much green gas.. how about normal gas? cheers guys
  3. niust

    WE M14 Gas Blowback Rifle

    Thanks man!... that what I think like u too.. they seem to be on the same level.. n i will decide next week when i can put my hand kjm4, yesterday i tried the we m14... i found that the stock is rather on the disappointment side ... it is too smooth for me... make my hand feel sweaty i think the real wood stock is a need..anyway... m14 seem to have edge on range.. but dont know how long the thing will last..unlike kjm4. which should last me a big while... well!.. let's see it next week then! cheers guys!
  4. niust

    WE M14 Gas Blowback Rifle

    man!.. this ###### me off... i just cant decide which one to get! KJ m4 or we m14... Darn me... u guys have any recommend?..in bangkok kj is about 400 $us n we m14 is 530 $us .. which one first u say!?
  5. hi, i m from thailand :) too

  6. back home, hunting


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