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  1. I had a TM 1911 last year with nigh on the exact specs you described above and mine had the same issue (I think the most I got was 10 shots with a warm mag) sent it away to get it serviced + fixed and was told there was nothing wrong with it. Gave it to another guy who told me the same thing so I swapped it for a P90. I tried mine different mags, replaced the BBU and spring set but nothing helped. Only conclusion I could draw was all these pretty guns you see in the picture threads with all these nice upgrades belong to collectors and not your average skirmisher. Sorry I can't actually help
  2. They have cordura tags on them but I'm no material expert so I can't say for sure. I have had the rig for over a year (I got it secondhand) although the pouches have changed with various guns and I don't think I have come across a single pulled, split or stretched stitch todate. I play mainly CQB so it get rubbed and scrapped against walls on a regular basis and again no tears or any real wear worth mentioning. The buckles on mine are very sturdy but I have never seen one of the new ones in the flesh to compare it too. I think my only gripe with it would be there is too much adjustment I'm
  3. Nope just an older style. The first run had the black buckles and no bunge staps on the internal mag pockets unlike the newer ones being sold at flecktarn.
  4. My Bulle MLE harness with a mix of Warrior and Bulle pouches (the pouches at the back on the righ are warrior the ones on top are the Bulle). They are quite a bit darker than the pictures on the site.
  5. Needs a spray job and an optic but I like it so far
  6. Still a bit of a work in progress but I'm quite happy so far
  7. Is the rep system time relative to the time of the post or a live status? According to my screen Dtooth has a -1 rep in post 12 and 0 in his last post. EDIT: Never mind I answered my own question, sorry.
  8. Not the most compact CQB loadout but it certainly keeps heads down
  9. To be honest the accuracy results are pretty *suitcase* and the adjuster is too loose making it jump out of position easily. But to be fair the accuracy could be down to the fact that I over tightened and stiped one of the screws holding the inner barrel in place next to the hop and it rotates back and forth ever so slightly and that could be whats causing the lack of accuracy. At the moment it seems worse than it did stock IMO
  10. Here's my baby although some people don't like her but she gets the job done Only internal upgrades are Madbull Black python TB, PDC metal hop, H-hop rubber and Systema Bucking. I do plan on Machining out the old fore grip bracket so that the launcher sits a bit further back.
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