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  1. PTW with ARMS flip up rear, DD rail, aimpoint t1, magpul rail covers, surefire scoutlight, rampo FCC custom pmags and full tac internal revamp AWS raptor based colt m4, can't remember what it was originally since it has been done up so many times since, but generally speaking everything in the thing is prometheus Magpul stock, grip and vfg, ARMS flip up front and rear, ARMS 58CVmod rail, surefire C2 centurion on DD mount, VLTOR repro gas block, EOTech 512. Have just replaced the trigger guard and flash hider so she's now finished, will put up pics at some point Cheers
  2. Thanks mate - the raptor is a real game-changer, furnishes a decent gearbox with (almost) responsiveness on semi of the systema. I tend to play at sites where semi is preferred so both of my rifles are built around that. Anther useful function is programmable burst which is what I have instead of auto on the little M4. My brother runs a systema revolution gearbox and the raptor is a short step behind that and the PTW. Hmmm, I'd rather play with the systema at high fps or fibua - it's so consistent, has a much nicer trigger pull and superbly fast semi - but the little M4 has the advantage of
  3. Systema ptw modded by Tac with DD rail, magpul covers, surefire scoutlight, t1 and arms flip up rear and fcc custom pmags (what looks like tape on the vfg is heatshrink) AWS Raptor based colt m4 with ARMS 58cv mod rail, eotech 512, arms flip up sights, vltor repro gas block, magpul stock, grip and vfg, surefire m2 centurion in dd mount
  4. The receiver itself is in very good condition and the wooden grips are practically unblemished - as you can see above.
  5. The top of the skeleton stock - this weld ensures that the entire stock is very, very rigid.
  6. This is the underside of the stock where the weld has been fixed. The surface oxidisation is deliberate and can be removed if required - I think it completes the look of the gun!
  7. The trigger pin (which is not functional, it's simply a steel pin which is glued into a hole on the receiver) has been removed to allow the installation of an aftermarket trigger.
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    Pictures for buyer
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