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  1. It's a day/night optic, including video to use for offset shooting or send pictures of a situation to the team/superiors. There might alos be some kind of laser designator IIRC. The latest version is slightly more compact, I've also seen EOTech sights mounted on the top rail. The forward grip includes GUI/communication commands, pressed with the thumb. Note that the BDUs in the pic are still in CE camo, whereas the latest verions of FELIN (Fantassin a Equipements et Liaisons INtegrees - integrated equipments and networks infantryman) sports the next gen camo, no more black or very clear beig
  2. Hey, fellow Tama Swingstar user! Got to take mine out from the closet, dust it, and play some. Haven't even had enough time to do that since I came back from Cov! Of course there still is that Pearl I play with my local marchband/harmony...
  3. There's no reason it wouldn't...
  4. Not sure if it's allowed to discuss it here, mods please remove if inapropriate. When you cut a throat, the poor bloke will tend to disagree. Trying to produce a sound with his mouth, he'll expell air through his trache (sp?), which makes an aweful and loud noise. If you get too enthusiastic in your movement, you may even cut his carotid (sp?) veins, and make a mess. And the guy will still be trying to get away from you, potentially increasing the noise. See? Even he will regret you didn't shoot him in the head...
  5. And do you actually stab people very often? A combat knife, or any knife for that matter, IMO is a tool, not a weapon. Or a very last ditch weapon. Or when you are a sneaky SF taking opfor by surprise (but I bet they'd prefer to put bullets in someone's head rather than cutting his throat: more secure and less noisy)
  6. j3t, awesome SCAR! really looks bad#ss, especially with the EOTech, and I usually prefer longer rifles and don't like EOTech much!
  7. That's one damn sexy G36 you got down there Quin! I'd kill for something like this!
  8. That pic with the blood comes from a video game, Kane and Lynch... Angel, love that blade! CRKT Corkum right?
  9. Smokin' hot! Love the old school flavour of the simple slide (even though I don't know much about MEU/SOC 1911s) and the Pachmayr. That's also my grip of choice on my GP35, it fits so naturally in my hand!
  10. Starburst, I believe that first pic comes from SigForum, always laugh hard when I see it! also, lol @ fly zipper!
  11. looks like a HK416 to me, so no ICS! Many manufacturers offer it nowadays, this one looks like the VFC.
  12. Nope, I'd say 9mm marker... With those one of those glo-targets. CD, come over to the "Own Firearms?" thread, in Off-Topic! Join the happy fellas!
  13. It is also in a video pointed in one of the HK or G36 threads, about UK PMCs using G36s, and you see another bloke holding a SG552 while they're at the firing range. EDIT: t'was in PMC thread actually http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNbh3c1FJDs
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