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  1. JGSDF loadout, Team KAOS, Zagreb, Croatia.
  2. Thx., Mechanix camo gloves fits nice with JGSDF uniform.
  3. No, one member of our team lives in Japan. That will be nice, but I'm pretty shure they are not.
  4. Not much, about 200 pounds - trousers, shirt, helmet cover and chest rig - all new.
  5. Team K.A.O.S. JSDF loadout:
  6. Thx; it's a G&P Defender aeg - Limited edition 500, but mine have serial no. 0501 - with G&P Aimpoint and Magpul MTX rail covers. Cheers!
  7. Every month one DE - here's one new TM for November: Gains +10 "To hit" against Koala!
  8. My Multi M4: Bitz'n'stuff: G&P Stubby Killer silencer Ultrafire WF501 CREE Q5 LED Milspec 20mm. rail MC-Tech MOD Vert. foregrip Multicam Element 6.04 prec. barrel G&P HopUp Dytac 120 rds Midcap Multicam ACTION QD Higher Tactical Aimpoint Scope Mount Base FS6 "Walther" 42 mm Red dot MAGPUL PTS MIAD Pistol Grip CP MULTICAM Body and gearbox are stock JG. Have to put MC-Tech Multicam handguard (buy, must grind to put on the gun) & Magpul PTS Multicam CTR stock (no $$$).
  9. Where did you buy that "ergo" grips, Frakk2k?
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