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  1. It's actually a real AK grip from some plum furniture sets my friend and I had ordered years back. Unfortunately I'm not really sure whether its a Russian set or some other Soviet bloc nation. Thank you very much for the compliment!
  2. I'm not 100% sure we're talking about the same rail, but this is the one I'm thinking of (below the suppressor)
  3. I kind of want the little rail that would stick out under the suppressor but this will do nicely for now!
  4. I've had ridiculous feeding issues with mine, resulting in two broken nozzles and three destroyed hop up rubbers, and one destroyed Aplus integrated hopup chamber/barrel. I'm not sure if I should be trying new BBs, or buying a new hopup chamber/loading ramp. I've been unable to ascertain so far exactly where the problem lies.
  5. Has anyone stuck a $20 in there yet?
  6. Got an East German bipod on there now, replacing the stock CYMA one. (which is !)
  7. I'm keeping this thread well stocked with Gas Blowbacks. In this case everything that isn't a glock or an RPK74m is a WE GBBR. The 74ns have real pistol grips, handguards, and flash hiders, while the 74uns only have real pistol grips.
  8. What's a Schaap Custom Lifter and where can I find one?
  9. You guys are great, thank you both very much!
  10. Well the guy who owns it is pretty talented at fabricating bits, so I'll be sure to pass that on, thanks!
  11. ahah! The gentleman who owns the longer 870 in my picture is currently negotiating with a local collector for a lot of two working m1100s and a broken m870 to harvest for parts. I understand the M1100s have to be run on duster however.
  12. The curse of anything without blow back! The sound of 5 bbs bouncing off someone's mask and the shells ejecting and hitting the floor more than make up for it I feel!
  13. Mine's on the left, and is all plastic, but with an upgraded hammer spring, and my friend's is on the right, it's got a metal receiver and barrel, and he custom made a magazine tube extension for it. He managed to dremel out a real police wood stock to fit the gas tank as well, it's very impressive. I've got a metal body on the way for mine actually; I was inspired by his!
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