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  1. Whereabouts did you find the genuine rosewood grips, Chris? I fancy replacing the Pachmayrs on my WA MEU
  2. Oh, it seems you can't write that towns name here, either. That's a tad silly
  3. We had this on a WWII re-enactment forum. My mate couldn't put his location down, because S*Ubar*horpe came out as S*bleep*horpe!
  4. Finally got my PPK. ACM, but with a Maruzen magazine.
  5. Western Arms Carbon Black SCW MEU (SOC) Early, with Pachmayr grips:
  6. Not a NATO G10 (although I have one in the same pattern on my Seiko Chronograph), it was actually just a stripy strap in the colours shown on mine, with a curved buckle and a fabric keeper. Bonds strap was also 18mm, rather than the 20mm of the NATO G10 and my "Bond" copy, but then again, my Submariner is actually a copy of the Roger Moore 5513 Submariner, having the markings on the bezel between 12 and 3 and it has the crown protectors on the far side. It's a homage to Bond
  7. Nice. I fancy a PPK next, to go with this:
  8. Front sight now the right way and threadlocked on:
  9. Excuse the foresight being back to front. Just noticed it and turned it around
  10. Bit more old school Walther
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