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  1. Some great pics here lately lads, havent been on for a while so it made an interesting read! Seems wearing standard webbing is going out of fashion (to use a phrase), are vests the way to go during the summer months? I only have some basic DPM for my loadout - s95 trousers " shirt " smock (not sure what kind, was marketed as SAS but seemed more comfy than standard!) oh, and brit boots. So far i've been using it with a thin Gtac hood to keep the lengthy hair out of the way, but that might have to change given the hot weather! Speaking of vests and webbing etc, seeming as
  2. Wahey, i'll agree to that! None of that ultra carbine stuff either, the full stock looks the most beautiful!
  3. Your welcome mate, there's some really rubbish deals out there these days, i came across the exact same set for 130 quid. When you compare to what you would pay on flecktarn for a brand new sas smock, even the buy it now is cheap! If you get that webbing, be sure to lemme know how it is!
  4. morpcat - Thanks a lot, i've been looking for an SAS smock at that price in my size for an age! kizuna132 - http://www.qmstores.co.uk/gbu0-prodshow/WTPLCE.html I'm pretty sure thats a standard issue webbing set? Excuse me if i'm wrong, when i found it i nearly wet myself! For all - To get my brit loadout really kicked off, i've ordered an s95 shirt and trousers, assault boots, and hopefully that SAS smock and webbing gear. (also ordered a king arms FN FAL full stock, not exactly modern but i love the weapon and it fits somewhat!) Pics to come on thursday
  5. how cheap are we talking here? If you decide to go the webbing route, i found a full webbing set brand new for £55 the other day.
  6. Ah well, it definetely looks like one (after judging from pictures and flecktarn). Just my size, too. cheers!
  7. Gents, as you're all DPM wearers, could you let me know if this SAS smock is a genuine british army issue item? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/DPM-Camo-SAS-Windpro...1QQcmdZViewItem Usually im confident in ads, but i just thought that i would check i'm getting the real deal, and not a copy/fake. Whilst browsing listings i've noticed that some "SAS smocks" have elastic lined wool wrist sleeve type things, so i dont know which is the real deal and which isn't. many thanks!
  8. Thankyou very much! I have one last question to ask. When a gun comes out of the factory, am i right in thinking that they are given their colour not by being painted, but by the plastic being injection moulded? If this is the case, could i use a very light paint remover or nail polish remover to take away a layer of paint that someone has sprayed on? By my thinking, it would only remove the sprayed on paint, not remove the injection moulded colour?
  9. I must admit, theres so much talent in here. I'm extremely tempted to paint my FN FAL's stock and foregrip in a camo stripe pattern. Anyone know if the paints that you use on plastic model aircraft are safe to use on an airsoft gun? My dad has tons of them round the house, i figured that it would be more cost effective to use them instead of buying krylon! I have 2 cans of ultra flat black krylon, so could i use them as a base?
  10. Thanks for that little bit of info, I recently discovered that i have an airsoft gun, bought by my parents ages ago when the VCRA wasn't in effect, except they tried it and realised i shouldn't have it. The guy they got it off had done a horrible desert paintjob on it though, and, me wanting to restore it back to its former glory, i'm wondering what is the best thing to remove the current paint? i'm going to use Krylon ultra flat black camo paint of course, i'm just wondering what's the best thing to remove, without damaging the plastic and metal?
  11. I was about to ask the same question. Is it better to use some sort of thinner to remove the current paint?
  12. ^ that's what I make of it, yeah. The UKARA scheme is primarilly to buy, and give retailers a safe assurance that you are a skirmisher.
  13. As far as i know, gents, you can spray an IF into a RIF as long as you can prove that you are going skirmishing with it. This does not mean that you have to be UKARA registered, or have to have gone 3 times in over 2 months. As far as i know, you can go once, and IF you are questioned about it, you can have the police call the site and confirm that you have been airsofting with it. This covers you with a legitimate defense. Check out the VCRA Q&A on here if you're unsure.
  14. I've also hit another problem, gents - anyone know if the m14 mags will even fit in a plce webbing kit?
  15. Thanks a lot for the reply. i can see exactly where you're coming from mate, im extremely tempted to have a go at a DM role, with the m14. There's no authenticity to it at all, i can certainly see that. As for the SAS style loadout, i'd feel uncomfortable looking like a cocky git if you see what i mean. The star is definetely still an option however, no doubt about that. Wolf armouries offers to downgrade the gun (because of it being above UK limits) would this muck up the internals in any way? cheers for the replies gents!
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