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  1. Looks like a VFC one, but damn those RS accessories are tits for sure!
  2. Any more specs pls, brand and upgrade parts?
  3. Because one is none and two is one! VFC SCAR H - VFC EGLM - VFC PEQ-15 - Eotech XPS2 - silencer VFC SCAR SSR - Leopold M3 - bipod Actual confing of SCAR H is as seen in post #441 referring picture
  4. I can't see your pics!? Other note could anyone ID this type of silencer, I want one for my SCAR also but can't figure out what type/model is? http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6zeljlvfY1rw5dlyo1_1280.jpg Edit: Because it's a pic topic, and because I'm first on page lets start it right My VFC SCAR H* Leopold M3 Tango Down grip Bipod (some sort of cheap one)* Down unders it's the VFC HK416* first models before Umarex thing coming out on us. S&S Precision Mount VFC PEQ15* Surefire Scout m600 G&P Eotech 552* *replicas
  5. Great review. Anyone know how this mosfets works in cold environment when u play with the airsoft rifle outside at -10/4 C, and bring it in home at 20/25 C environment? Are these meant to work ok in condensation. Will damage the chip, or not?
  6. I realy hate when ppl post same rifle same shots in 3-4 topics at once...
  7. Nice setups, what country is using this pattern, Canada? It's in test phase ?
  8. So you say that new stocks on retailers will be with trades?
  9. Why there are no more trades on VFC SCAR-s L & H?
  10. Here you go mugur, http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/gandp-ready-mag-system-for-m4-m16-series.html
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