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  1. See you Guys at B8! We're leaving today!
  2. Thanks to the great service at ASGshop.pl, I will be enjoying this FAPC @ Berget.
  3. Those look like Kydex Pouches, that could explain why the Mags don't fit. Bought one once, never looked at them again.
  4. My MLE, configured for Berget! Only missing a Water Bladder & my Radios.
  5. This looks fantastic! Looks like a souped-up MAV or Bulle MLE... I like it a lot! Especially the large rear MOLLE Panel... I might be interested in something similar, any info who to contact? Really looking forward to see it with pouches/worn as well
  6. Video Cap, sorry for the Quality. Winter just won't let go this year
  7. Ha... this Mask would be a cool excuse not to take hits. As we all know, Ideas are Bulletproof
  8. Nice! I see you like Blakhawk a lot... funny enought I have all that stuff as well, except the Pants. Wouldn't take them out to a game tough, especially the Ops Jak is fantastic for wear everyday and even to the office. Can't see me robbing trough dirt with that How do you like the Pants? The Holster seems to be attached to the MOLLE on teh Pants, how does that work out for you?
  9. I've got the Low Profile CHest Rig from OPS. Very nice Kit, no stitching issues and feels very solid. I haven't skirmished it yet, so it's not broken in and a bit stiff. Quality is up there with Pantac i'd say.
  10. About the PLB Belt, how comfortable is it? Would it be adjustable to smaller waists? It seems pretty large on Photos...
  11. Uh, nothing interesting or expensive really.... let's see Tru-Spec ECWCS Layer EBB PCU (Actually, it's quite nice! Doesn't breathe at all, but keeps moisture out well enough) Fleece Cap by GFC Hellstorm Gloves ESS Glasses Pantac Go Bag in OD with EBB Fastmag LC2 Belt in Black with EBB Fastmags & Serpa for the Glock Rather thrown together I'm afraid
  12. This kind of Kit is most comfortable, I had such a setup at Berget last year.
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