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  1. Yeah for cooler either go with a giant heatsink, or one of the Corsairs. For bulk storage of photos, videos, documents etc. get a spinning drive of whatever capacity you want (a few TB, right?). They're fairly mature by now, just buy whatever's available from the place you're getting the rest of the parts. Western Digital, Seagate or Samsung would be preferred brands, 7200 rpm will be slightly faster than 5400. Windows 10 is £100 if you just buy it, but it's a free upgrade from 7 or 8, do you have any licenses that you could upgrade? If not it might be worth seeing if you can buy a cheap c
  2. Oh shoot that was your Dad? That's amazing that he gets to fly Spitfires, glad he survived the crash. Do you know what went wrong? All the papers just say loss of power.
  3. Ye. I had a 360, waited a bit and then when they announced the next-gen consoles (are they current-gen yet?) I was basically like '*fruitcage* this *suitcase*', time to drop a grand a new PC (I'd been putting it off for a while, but the thoroughly underwhelming announcement sealed the deal). You don't have to spend that much either, you can demonstrably spend the same as a console and get more.
  4. The difference is over here it's not a protected title, so anyone can call themselves an engineer. As a soon-to-be engineering grad, it's mildly annoying.
  5. With engineering it's very easy to get behind too
  6. Good old movie maker. Reminds of 2008 YouTube. I hope it's improved since xp because it was absolutely horrible when I last used it.
  7. Tank museum sounds great, I really want to go...especially after playing World of Tanks a load recently
  8. Second Community and Rick and Morty. Seen 30 Rock? That's hilarious and there's 7 seasons of it.
  9. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/horse-racing/grand-national-2015-seedling-dies-5499246
  10. That's...actually pretty cool. Just don't leave them in there when you give your gran/work friends/etc. a lift lol Does the AK barrel not hit the door frame?
  11. Problem with making them out of steel would be that those parts would then be much harder than the rest of the internals, and would wear out parts instead. When you make stuff you can have good materials making up for bad design or good design making up for bad materials. TM are the latter. If you have both bad design and bad materials, you have a WE 1911.
  12. Yeees. Yeeeeeees. That's the spirit. Knew you'd come round. Try opening web.whatsapp.com on your ipad, then do what it says. Might be almost as good.
  13. All of Archer's animation gets better. By season 6 it's almost too good. The cars and planes action and stuff is all really smooth but the character scenes still have that 'low frame rate' look from season 1. The attention to detail is awesome though; I assume it's consistent throughout the show but where I notice it is the gun stuff, Archer is always calling people out for not counting shots, characters clear weapons properly, if you look carefully things like the selectors on guns are in the right position for full auto spraying etc etc. It's also quite funny.
  14. In a sea of *suitcase*, that little segment stands out as one that drives me crazy. So dumb. So irritating.
  15. God your life is so much cooler than mine. I want to chase a BTR.
  16. This is an important distinction that gets misused a lot when discussing fairness and equality.
  17. As much as I like maths and stuff, I dislike how Pi day requires the American date format to work.
  18. Printers are the one area of IT and technology that as far as I can tell haven't advanced at all. They're still just as infuriating and illogical were in the 90s. Anyone tried to install an HP printer? It takes *fruitcage* ages and tries install all this useless bloatware. Ugh.
  19. Absolutely loads. Just search for 'airsoft sales' on Facebook. And be careful of idiots, scammers and children.
  20. I can promise you there is no welding in your G5.
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