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  1. While the Americans are definitely crazy, in this case I feel that the distinction is a useful one to make.
  2. Same reason why Windows XP still runs 90-odd percent of ATMs in the world, why industrial process control is often done by computer hardware that's decades old, why the computers on the space shuttle were basically antique. Stuff might be old, but that just means its operators fully understand all of its little quirks and can run it extremely reliably, or in the case of the military plug every last hole and fortify security. Staying (well) off the bleeding edge is pretty much necessary in those environments.
  3. It's not about razzing around like a racing driver, it about having control over clutch and gears. Autos will usually cost you more in fuel too, less efficient.
  4. Ah, an automatic. There's your problem
  5. Shadowplay is Nvidia's term for having a hardware video encoder built into the graphics card, so you can record without the crippling framerate hit that comes with software solutions like FRAPS.
  6. Fraps is alright, leaves a watermark unless you pay for it though and can murder your framerate. Shadowplay is pretty great. With regard to a motherboard, they're mostly all fine, just make sure it has the right socket for your CPU and all the slots and connections you need/want. As far as I know, RAM is always limited to 1333 at first, because that's as high as the JEDEC standard goes (everything over is technically an overclock). However it only takes a couple of clicks in the BIOS to select the XMP profile which enables the increased clock rate that was advertised when you b
  7. Sounds like a good spec. RAM speed doesn't really matter, sound cards are questionably useful. For CPU cooler personally I'd go for a big air cooler like the Dark Rock Pro 3 (nice and quiet) or maybe one of the all-in-one liquid coolers. If you have the money I'd get a bigger SSD, I have a 500 in mine and it's getting full already. Also with that case, try to buy things that are orange, would look sweet
  8. That does sounds like a PSU that's not man enough. Have a go with the calculator that Alexander linked, or tell us what your PC spec is so we can get an idea of how much power you need.
  9. How much wattage do you need? Basically any brand-name PSU will be fine though, it's the cheapies you need to watch out for.
  10. That looks like a replacement magazine follower that won't lock back the slide on empty. TM started including them with their pistols a while back, means you can dry fire without holding down the slide catch.
  11. Yep, Airsoft Zone were good to me too. Great stock, prices and service.
  12. I finally got round to building myself a PC this summer. I'd never done it before, and it took me an evening. I took it slow because I didn't want to break anything, and it's turned out really well. Scariest bit is putting the CPU in, it's the most delicate part (all those tiny pins) but thankfully it's a 'zero insertion force' socket so you just place it on top then press the lever. As an exercise it's highly recommended, you learn a fair bit and save money over pre-builds.
  13. What's the difference between the Japan version and the not-Japan version? Jap one is significantly more expensive (and according to eHobby, less powerful).
  14. I'm almost set on getting one of these to replace my Maruzen, all looks good. How are you finding it so far?
  15. A WW2 fps with gun upgrades? Hmmm. Yeah, GameSpy (who hosted the servers for a lot of games) went bust earlier this year, taking the multiplayer for a long list of games with it. 2142 died too Only way to play BF2 online now is to find someone who's set up a master account server and connect to it. Couple of people did, including some of the more popular mods. Not too bad a run for a game that's nearly 10 years old.
  16. I wouldn't bother, EA has shut down the servers for it so you can't play online (read: can't play). Unless you have one of the mods which have set up their own account servers like Project Reality or Forgotten Hope 2. Of all the things to accuse CoD of, bad netcode isn't one. BF2 hit registering was actually terrible, case of rose tinted glasses for a lot of players...
  17. RedWolf 'reviews' are a joke, I facepalmed when he stuck the magnet all over the receiver and concluded that it was steel. That particular video has the half-assed David Attenborough theme that makes it painful to watch, I wish they'd either give up or start taking it seriously. While disappointed at the lack of metal, I'm still very tempted by this to replace my Maruzen. Sounds good so far. What we need to do is all buy them so they're popular and a steel receiver gets made.
  18. Just commenting that with future gun designs in games you can usually tell which firearm(s) the designer started with, then future-d up. Flatmate's been playing it, haven't really paid attention, he says it's par for the course.
  19. It's not been a good week to be in aviation.
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