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  1. It'll be so we have to use Google's web services, which is how they make money. In all other respects, it's an excellent tablet.
  2. There are rumblings that the next iteration of USB won't care which way round you put it in, which is smart. Will avoid those stupid 4th dimension moments where you have to try 3 times to plug in something that only has two possible ways to fit. Wireless everything is great but it's got to be better, a lot of wireless comms are quite temperamental, and also if we use it for everything we're going to run out of bandwidth and have the air full of RF at all times which is a nightmare for electronics. I think just those two would be enough for me/most people. Mind you, Google aren't t
  3. Yolo is just carpe diem for chavs. For the record, I wasn't talking specifically about motorbiking, just people saying 'yolo' before doing irresponsible and/or dangerous stuff. Doesn't make sense.
  4. The round barrelled jacks? They certainly were strong and user-friendly, I don't recall them coming out particularly easily though. New Nokias are still nice phones (they'd be pretty great if they weren't stuck with Windows), lack of robustness is just the price we pay for modernisation. We cram so much tech into the same space now that everything has to smaller and thinner and lighter, and therefore sadly less durable. The classic Nokias are so resistant to damage because they're essentially a lump of plastic; the screen is small and covered by a fairly thick sheet of clear plastic, t
  5. There's two ways to look at that, yes you only live once so you better make the most of it, but there no point living so dangerously that it's cut short.
  6. It may have the prongs but that's probably because it needs them to stay in all, every mini I've ever used has been a stiffer fit than the micros. Plus, I'd argue that for a phone charger you don't necessarily want any retention; I'd rather the connector pop out if I accidentally yank the cable (like an Apple laptop). It also doesn't change the fact that micros are so thin they're incredibly flimsy.
  7. Is it micro USB? Mine's the same. The little tiny sockets just aren't robust enough for the rigours of being a phone charging port and wear out relatively quickly. I really don't get why they didn't choose mini USB as the standard, it's ever so slightly larger but is a way stronger connector, you wouldn't have people going through a charger every couple of months like lots of people I know, and if the female one on the phone goes there's not a lot you can do.
  8. Somewhere on this computer I have a 2 GB .pdf from when a friend refused to buy a £60 textbook and spent several hours taking photos of every page...definitely worth it haha
  9. I was under the impression that TSC trigger parts for WEs were better than the RAT ones...
  10. Tazer is just an American-isation, like with so many other words. However, in this case it's unnecessary and taser is correct; even TASER International, the American company, spell it with an S.
  11. It is almost worthless, but a bit more protection for the trip from China can't be a bad thing...it's not like injection moulded plastic is expensive either.
  12. Oh, sweet. Well I'm sure you'll keep us updated with any progress you make, the WE AK is back on my shortlist at any rate.
  13. That seems to be a common theme with RATECH parts...how pricey is the Hephaestus one? Seems like a no brainer anyway
  14. That's a shame...if anyone was going to make it it work it'd be RC! Ah well, what's the best steel kit? Someone mentioned Hephaestus?
  15. Work has a fridge, but I can help but feel that most of those are tastiest straight after being made given a lot of them are fried. Might try wraps for tomorrow, they're fairly simple.
  16. Some of those look amazing (peanut butter, bacon and banana?!), bookmarked. Not the sort of thing I can eat every day though, they'd also be pretty sad after a few hours in my lunchbox.
  17. Yeah, electrocuting someone while they're driving sounds like a great idea.
  18. I dunno, most of those are just regional slang, replacing the standard word with a different one. 'Yous' is just wrong.
  19. You're from near Liverpool right? Round there they have the very unique plural 'yous', which leads to some spectacular homophone abuse on the interwebz. As well as making them sound like idiots. Interestingly, German has the same informal plural (ihr).
  20. No, I figured. Any idea for interesting sandwiches to take into work? I'm getting sick of cheese and ham.
  21. RedWolf just posted this on Facebook: Action CNC Aluminium 7075 Bolt Carrier for GHK G5 I'm worried by this quote from the product page: Is that true? I've heard exactly 0 reports of that happening. More replacement aftermarket options never hurts though, I'd definitely go with this over the RA-TECH steel one. It's pretty cheap, too (makes we wonder if it really is CNC machined 7075 aluminium...).
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