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  1. Yeeees that would be the solution to so many of life's ills! Last time I was on a quad bike I ran over my own foot.
  2. To be honest, that would be an excellent idea for riding a quad!
  3. They definitely have more in common with motorbikes than cars, a helmet's just as important given their propensity to roll over and crush you.
  4. Do you not need a helmet by law? That seems like a fairly glaring omission.
  5. Just a thought, are you going to reimburse him when it blows up and wrecks his gun?
  6. He means that in order to survive the rest of your life there's a certain amount you're going to need to spend on sustenance.
  7. Got mine today, pretty good - very nicely made and bloody bright, but it doesn't fit on either my M9A1 or my P226! So know I have to decide whether to file the torch or the guns. Edit: False alarm, it comes with a bunch of other mounting options, I'll be able to modify one of them to fit.
  8. Maybe, but is it milsim to fight battles where the two sides are never more than about 50 m apart? You absolutely cannot try to compare airsoft and real ballistics, it just falls apart on so many levels. If you want realistic mag capacity, only put 35 BBs in them.
  9. The recoil certainly looks fun!
  10. Call me old fashioned, but that just sounds like a variation on spamming until you hit something.
  11. All sounds pretty good, but this: is a bit annoying, seeing as pistol cut barrels are generally pretty short, a VSR length one would be a better length for this but if it won't go in the hopup...
  12. Are they supposed to dry? Mine never has.
  13. Well well well. Cue excited frothing about a GBB SR25! Will be watching the progress of the 417 to see if VFC have learned from their mistakes.
  14. That all sounds very doable, but I think you've got your wires crossed (haha! See what I did there?) in a couple of places - tell you what, why don't you start an 'Electronics help/advice' type thread here in Off-Topic and we can take this over there (rather than clog up this thread), there's enough people on here attempting DIY electronics projects that I think a thread might be handy.
  15. The bit of the rail you have to chop is the carbine kit yeah, so worst case you've ruined the kit rather than the G5 receiver. You could do it and have it look really neat.
  16. What exactly are you trying to do? As an electronics student I can probably help....also in my limited use of the 555 the supply voltage doesn't affect the timing interval much. What do you mean the resistor will kill the power?
  17. You can't put an EGLM on a G5 carbine without modifying either the launcher or the gun. It's kind of hard to explain, but the mounting section on the EGLM is raised at the front, which basically means you can't have a rail extending beyond the front of the EGLM. You can mount the EGLM at the very front of the G5, but then IIRC the built-in magwell blocks the G5 magwell (and it looks stupid). So if you want the EGLM in the right position, you have to either cut the bottom rail on the G5, or grind down part of the EGLM.
  18. I find that very difficult to believe, the 555 is one of the most widely documented ICs ever.
  19. I'm about to build myself a proper PC for the first time, what do you guys think of my current parts choice? Link edit: I picked up a Lenovo T420 in the end, great laptop. Happy with it.
  20. What, so crushing everyone with airborne vending machines counts as pacifist? Lol. I'm also currently playing Human Revolution (again), one of my favourite games.
  21. Heh, yes the whole gun's a bit longer isn't it! You might get away with 200 actually in that case.
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