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  1. The KWA is 160 mm, 200 might stick out a bit. Could always cut it down.
  2. I don't get all the hype about it. It's very well polished but nothing special or original. If you don't stealth in MGS it's kind of a waste, very few games have stealth mechanics worth bothering with so if you're just going to rampage through then you might as well play another generic shooter. Sneaky beaky is also harder and more satisfying.
  3. No I know they don't all have the higher resolution, I've been scouring the listings very carefully. It's true, for ~£350 there's one in very good nick with a 2nd gen i5 and an SSD. The T420 seems to be about the only laptop that's available 2nd hand, any good at all and has a res above 768p.
  4. I think they'll be fine, you need like 1/2 a turn for the full range of adjustment and on all of my KWA and TM mags the output valves have never been particularly tight and they're never an issue when it comes to sealing.
  5. Those purple ones aren't high flow valves as much as adjustable ones so you can change the power/recoil.
  6. Which one are you hankering after stunt? Edit: I knew there was a reason I singled out the T420: it comes with a 1600x900 screen. I'm used to 1080p, and the standard 1366x768 just look awful to me now, and I can't fit nearly as much on the screen.
  7. BF3 is free on Origin at the moment, so I downloaded it last night (all 20 GB of it). I forgot that the new BFs use this godawful brower-based Battlelog *suitcase* to launch the games - the damn thing just straight-up doesn't work on my computer. So frustrating.
  8. Well like I say the plan is to build a proper desktop for intensive stuff so in theory I don't need that much puter in my laptop. Just a semi decent processor would be nice, running a first gen i3 at the moment. This the sort of thing you meant? Like, I don't even know where to start looking at laptops nowadays, there's just soo many different makes and models.
  9. Ooh nice, I always wondered if you could do something like that, allowing you to use durable steel FCG parts but a light pot metal bolt for better efficiency. Couple questions: does the steel part sitting slightly lower than the bottom of the bolt cause an problems? And what does the screw thread into?
  10. It may not be 'correct', but as you say it's empirical and correct based on what I've observed. I wasn't thinking of CO2 when I wrote that post either. No idea about CO2 really, seeing as we can't (or shouldn't anyway ha) charge normal mags with it.
  11. No idea about expansion ratios, or even if they're relevant, but empirically for a given gas reservoir the higher the pressure of the gas used, the fewer shots you get. Interestingly, unless I'm doing chemistry wrong, 144a can't exist. I say 'can't' because the the numbers are a naming system which describe various things about the structure of the molecule, and 144 is impossible. So who knows what's actually in it, I assume Abbey (they're the only ones selling it I think) called it 144 for familiarity's sake, like a logical/numerical progression from 134.
  12. I need some advice - my laptop (Compal NBLB2) is pretty shagged, just over 3 years old and the battery's gone which would have bothered me too much but then I dropped it and buggered the screen, which now flickers eye-strain-inducing-ly on anything less than full brightness and loads of the pixels are knackered. I've got designs on a new desktop PC because I want to be able to play GAIMZ and also for engineering-y stuff my laptop's pretty slow...is it worth fixing the screen or can I get a decent light-ish laptop to carry around, take to uni etc. without spending all my desktop fund? One idea
  13. How else are you meant to get the batteries in? If you look, that label is on the inside part of the mock suppressor to warn the user about the high voltage components used in the flash unit.
  14. I see, fair enough. The VFC PEQ that comes with the torch: I reckon you could get a small IR LED and reflector in the space where the white LED torch is when you get it. Certainly I'd avoid lasers, especially when in airsoft we're aiming them at other people.
  15. Laugh? I jumped out of my skin! I hope the dude that was hit by some flying rubble is okay. Yep, that^. I think you'd be alright with an IR LED, the light's far less focused. IR LEDs are used in TV remotes, NV CCTV camera and a bunch of other stuff. You can buy an LED module which will fit into a standard Surefire 6P (or clone), giving you an IR torch which will work like a normal torch but only visible through NV goggles. You could, as scorch said, you an incandescent bulb and a filter (that's what had to be done before IR LEDs, but bulbs are rubbish You know the difference
  16. You got night vision? Be very careful with IR lasers. Sure fire way to blind yourself.
  17. Well the pin pops out when the hammer's cocked, so yes. Although being 'striker-fired' (but not in airsoft), the only way to cock it is by racking the slide so it wouldn't make much difference. The Maruzen GBB P99 also has a working one.
  18. I can pretty much hear you unzipping your pants ready to get your e peen out
  19. That's different, you're not all powerful and all seeing. The argument is that if God truly is all-powerful he's perfectly able to stop mass suffering and atrocities (and homelessness), yet he does not.
  20. Airsofters on facebook are almost universally a bunch of turds. Even worse than zeroin.
  21. It may just be too much time on this forum, but that sounds suuuuper creepy.
  22. So you lost them?? Either way emailing Xcortech (sales@xcortech.com) might yield a copy of the instructions.
  23. Try this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-4KUmJQEwI It's pretty long, but he goes through all the features. So there's no instructions in the box?
  24. In a word, no. Certainly back when I was fiddling with my 1911 it made no difference, if it is there on my Sig it's barely noticeable.
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