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  1. Finally got my Eotech.. also wired out the back via a hole in the stock to a 9.6 large
  2. So is this why std TM mags are more reliable?
  3. Awesome review, and good pics. (They're clear, highly detailed, and well lit, good job). I might just pick one up.
  4. BHI CRCH with bib folded down BHI Double Mag pouch 4 X SDS Double Mag pouch Desert Camelbak Weird pack thingy: Emdom SUV Geenric Medic Pouch 2 X Guarder M4 pouches On Belt: Dump pouch 2 X Emdom pistol pouches
  5. TM G36c CA G36k RAS system Prometheus 363mm Inner Barrel Prometheus M120 spring Prometheus Torque Gears Prometheus Piston Head Prometheus M4 cylinder Systema Piston/Piston head
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