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  1. Can include 2nd class post for free, extra for signed etc.
  2. For Right Handed Shooter Belt Paddle System Lightweight A retention holster designed to fit snugly WE Europe 1911 Airsoft Pistols and can be attached to the users belt, designed to allow the user to quickly and effectively draw their Airsoft pistol during combat at maximum speed, whilst still remaining safe. Still in bag, opened but never skirmished. Just in case - gun obviously not included. £10 + postage Second Class - £3 First Class - £3.68 Extra £1 for Signed For or Tracked 48
  3. Was bad enough with Ryanair going to Portugal when everything went relatively smoothly - your situation sounds seriously sucky. Hope you get sorted. My grrr for the day is far less inconvenient but annoying nonetheless - still waiting on a car part I ordered at the weekend. Damn you Royal Mail.
  4. Have bought a couple of small orders (parts, pouches etc) and didn't have any bother. Nothing big so far but seem like a decent retailer.
  5. Got this today: Hello, We have a notice for all acmgear.com customers, ACMGear.com have changed ownership and new owners will upgrade the website in the coming weeks and starting from next week, all pending orders will be processed, please be patient during the transition, we will promise you will not regret to be ACMGear.com customers and support the websites growth. We will have after website upgrade some discounts and competitions so please stay tuned with our news from the newsletter and from the website aswell. Hopefully you will enjoy ACMGear.com once again like you have
  6. No problems with my first order last year, was about to place another one but might hold off now if there have been a lot of problems recently. Main reason was their super-cheap flashcaps, will see if the likes of tiger111 have anything similar.
  7. Discovering that my local site's dog in residence stole a player's sandwiches today (but he did get a free sausage roll in compensation - player not dog). Speaking of Skodas, I'd very much like one of the Superb estates. Have a fairly new Octavia estate which is nice but could be a little quicker and an old Passat. Nearly bought an older Octavia 4x4 150hp petrol estate last year instead of the latter, but it turned out to be a lemon unfortunately!
  8. Order shipped on 20 Jun (standard air mail), arrived today except for some gloves which were seemingly sent on the 22nd. All seems fine: Black Bear face mask fits well and looks good (had thought OD might be a bit too green from photos), maybe a little itchy velcro in a couple of spots but can probably be trimmed Black Bear M4 flash cap seems decently made - a little rattle which I was disappointed to find, but maybe I hadn't wound it enough (don't have my M4 yet so haven't been able to fully test), super cheap too so can't complain
  9. Had mostly seen good things about acmgear.com until this thread, so opinions seem to be mixed. I had been considering getting an AEG from them but they're not able to downgrade before shipping (communication was friendly enough), so have decided to go local (plus the difference in price wasn't a huge amount, and I'd rather have a warranty). I've just ordered a few cheap bits and pieces though - a spring set, flash mag, gloves and face mask - so shall see how things go and report back.
  10. Here's one from my birthday skirmish last weekend at Green Zone Combat, Co. Armagh:
  11. Thought I may as well to the cat photos, here's Ava when she younger...
  12. Ha, lizard pwned! I must add to the empirical evidence, I do indeed have a cat. We chose her because she looked a bit like a Kitler, so we called her Ava. I can only assume you're all familiar with http://www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com. We used to have a lot more animals but we're down to two chinchillas and a guinea pig. Hopefully we're moving out to the country soon though so I'll have part of a field to fill with goats, quail, geese, ducks, chickens and maybe a little range for some target practice.
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