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  1. Yeah, I guess. Just a bit weirded out - the guy was a couple of months younger than me, and I'm not quite 40 yet. Been thinking about the old school days a bit more than normal, feeling a bit crappy at how we've all lost touch... I might feel a bit better if I knew what the cause was - illness, accident, covid... [emoji848]
  2. I found out that my best friend from my school days died on the 25th of Feb. Don't know any details. Hadn't spoken to him since 2009, but it's still a bit of a shock.
  3. Gunmane mate, are you okay? I know things are different in the US, but if you are able to, can you get some talking therapy or see someone about this? It's sounding pretty serious and I'm honestly concerned for your wellbeing. You can always vent here if it helps. Stay safe, buddy.
  4. Wait, really? I'm surprised there are any left at all. Um, sure, that'd be great. Drop me a PM and I'll get your paypal details to cover the costs and let you have my address to send it on.
  5. I only wanted the hedgehog, but couldn't get one from the local shops. Hordes of the carrot family themselves still left, but all the new 2020 characters went very quickly.
  6. I didn't know that. [emoji2369]
  7. I don't understand why you have to wait?
  8. In other news, I secured a local garage for storage, a mere £8 a week so that's nice. I started to move some things into it, in order to tidy the house and get the second bedroom functional. I found that several items are water damaged and others have mould. The carpet is soaking wet. I suspected a leak from the radiator, but tests showed it was fine. After the rain this afternoon, I found the floor even further saturated. On investigation, watervus running off the garden, which stupidly slopes towards the house, pooling against the wall (because installing a drainage channel would have been
  9. Legal advice has been sought, we're awaiting the Barrister's (yes, it turns out that the wife actually knows a Barrister, that's handy) opinion on the information she's requested. Apparently the actual technician who did the first scan has since retired and passed away, and the gynecologist has also retired... In a more general sense, I've never understood the resistance of doctors to carry out tests to prove themselves right when they're insisting on something that you (or someone else) is arguing against. Especially when the test is so cheap and routine. Just *do* it, even if you think
  10. Okay.... So, some of you may know that the wife and I have had a series of miscarriages, the majority of which at around 8 weeks but the last one was more advanced.... Turns out it was a lot more advanced than we realised. The wife has been contacted by someone who is part of an investigation into a private gynecology group, to which we were referred at the time by the NHS. We didn't have to pay, apparently the NHS does this from time to time, don't ask me why. Anyway, I was under the impression that the miscarriage occured at about 11-12 weeks. However, this new information indicates
  11. Funny how they can seem to legally do it to the husband though... Or has TV lied to me? [emoji848]
  12. Sorry for that, mate. Maybe pack her *suitcase* for her and dump it outside, if that's the way it's got to be...?
  13. You're probably better off - I don't trust easing the restrictions this much this soon....
  14. This is why I don't agree with the post office offering all these other services. Yes, I know it's pretty much all that keeps them afloat, but A) they shouldn't be a for-profit business but a government-funded service and they get in the way of the primary reason that the place is there. At the very least, they should have a separate window for non-post related stuff.
  15. Got the keys to our new house last week, just before this lockdown thing got serious. This is not a good time to be trying to move...
  16. Well, I can't afford 300, but I was on the 200 package. Since the wife isn't well, we can't go out much. We watch a lot of shows on streaming, and often she'll be watching something while I'm on the xbox in the other room, so it can bottleneck on slower connections. It's more that it's not available if I do want it than whether I need it or not.
  17. Just occurred to me to check on the broadband situation at the new address. Virginmedia doesn't cover it, so can't get the fastest broadband available. Not sure what the best option will be, but no one else offers speeds over 70mbps whereas Virgin offer upto 300. Just another thing to be unhappy about with this move.
  18. They'll rip out the flooring even if it's new and/or in good condition. No one I've spoken to can actually justify the practice of not replacing it. The council/housing associations could buy flooring in bulk and are paying workers anyway, so it would be significantly cheaper for them to install it than individual tenants. You hit the nail on the head with the money situation, it's literally about them saving a few quid. Social housing tenants tend to be poorer people - not always, but often - and they're forced to pay to install flooring and redecorate a house which doesn't belong to them.
  19. Got offered a property. It's a bungalow, which probably has a level-access shower room already installed. Doesn't have its own parking space, much less a driveway, which is a bit of an issue, but nothing we can do about it. Apparently the current resident has been there for a long time and isn't leaving until the 16th of Feb, after which they'll have to assess the property; refit the kitchen & bathroom, and ensure it's clean & safe. They'll not, however, redecorate or refit flooring because renting a house with no flooring makes *so* much sense... [emoji19]
  20. It's the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. It's also International Holocaust Memorial Day. Over 17,000,000 people were killed by the Nazi regime in their genocidal quest for 'Aryan Purity', over six million of those were Jews, but also a great many gypsies, slavs, homosexuals and generally anyone the Nazis didn't like were rounded up and exterminated on an industrial scale. I'm already sick to the back teeth of the misinformation and downright ignorance I have seen in the media, especially on social media, regarding it...
  21. Fixed it, and saved it twice just to make sure.
  22. The Tinkercad site thing apparently decided not to save the completed C Clip design I'd made, even though I saw it regularly pop up 'autosaving' messages. When I open the project, the finished design is not there, just the basic shapes I'd added before assembling them. I've still got the STL file I exported last night, but if I import that again it comes in as a single sold shape so I can't edit the individual parts in case I need to alter any sizes. So I'll have to rebuild it and then try to figure out what's wrong with the save feature. I can't find a manual save button anywhere, it
  23. It's a dream we all have - racking and pegboards full of kit and RIFs... I doubt whatever crappy council house I end up in will have space for that. I'll be lucky to get off-road parking, much less a shed. A garage would be a miracle. Although I'm told that the council will rent a garage separately, but it would be pretty inconvenient to store stuff in a place I need to drive to - plus I'd need separate insurance. I wouldn't like to store my RIFs there, even with insurance. Not sure I'd go for it. Maybe if it had power... Edit: I've completed my first ever 3D design, from scratch -
  24. Good effort! Especially in this January weather - that's really more of a summer job...
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