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  1. Go for the KS. The biggest Disappointment was that the Double Action was not working.
  2. Gppd seller! Smooth Transaction!

  3. The SY never shot a full mag. But I couldnt tell if its full because of the No leak mag design.
  4. Are we talking about the SY P226s in metal?? If so, you are correct. My guarder marui p226 is maybe 2/3 the wieght. I think its the Zinc in this chinese clone metals. My friend has a real steel Sig Mosquito .22 LR that was the first run production with the zinc slides and that slide is heavy. Many jams with certain ammo while my other friends Ruger MkIII won't jam with the different types of ammo.
  5. Get the ARMY MEU if you want the MEU. Good kick on propane plus the piston head design makes it more efficient in my opinion. Fully Compaitble with Marui M1911 parts. I have one and I am in love with it. Only complaint is that the right safety lever can be loose other than that it has been good to me. The WE MEUs suck seen some break the barrel bushing during a game. Don't get the All Chinese Made P226's (half metal, full metal, or plastic) the double action trigger won't work. They could not replicate some notch on the trigger bar that the Marui one has w
  6. Good Seller. Got the G19 in very good condition!!!

  7. Good Buyer and easy to deal with!


  8. Leatherneck, Can you keep us updated on your order from EB and let us know how it goes? Also can you tell me what kind of orange paint?
  9. Jrara is an awesome dude. Bought a TM p226 from him and a metal body kit. The prices were great, and the stuff arrived fast. Like i said AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sold my KWA G19. Fast payment. Good Buyer.

  11. Good Seller! Got the item quickly.

  12. Good Buyer. Easy to deal with!!

  13. Great person to deal with. Shipped out fast, and offered me a very reasonable price, and answered all the questions that I had. He also helped me on something else for free...

    Best transaction I have ever had. I would never hesitate to buy from this person again.

    Great guy, and great seller!

  14. WTF!! Ian thanks for pointing that out. I am way past the 48 hour DOA period. Also they weren't not responsive to my last Three emails about this issue, I had to call them up. Maybe my first and last purchase Ill be getting from Weaponblender. Edit: I just sent Weaponblender an email about the said product stating the facts along with the video of the SY p226 with the Double action trigger working. I am not holding my breathe because they DID IGNORE my last three emails.
  15. Update! Fixed the Rear Sight Issue. Last night while I was trying to figure out this rear sight issue. I was looking at the original screws and noticed some black gunk on the threads. This gave me the assumption is that they used some epoxy to tighten the screws and keep them in place because when I was taking the BBU apart it was really took some force to unscrew them. Like it had loctite or something. Well I was perusing some screws that I have. I found a screw the same length and almost the same size on the head. Which I believe that are used in laptop com
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