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    Seen the new rifles too, the M-16. Ahh, lotsa plastic. Feels like a BB gun to me. Believe I'm gonna stick with my pistol - Sergeant Major Basil Plumley - We Were Soldiers
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    1911's of course<br /><br />TV: The Unit. Reaper. The I.T Crowd. <br /><br />Movies: Boondock Saints. Transformers. Christine. Punisher War Zone. Anything with a high body count!
  1. RockDog

    1911 Picture Thread

    Tokyo Marui M1911-A1 Springfield Armory Custom Specs TM M1911-A1 Base Nova 3 Hole Trigger Nova Stainless Barrel Bushing Nove Springfield Slide & Frame set Nova SFA Stainless Beavertail Nova Stainless Magwell Nova Full Length Recoil Guide & Bushing Nova Extended Slide Stop Nova Ambi Safety Airsoft Surgeon Recoil Spring & nhanced Piston Head Shooters Design Springfield Hybrid Chamber & Threaded Barrel PDI Stainless Delta Hammer RS Springfield Armory Cross Cannon Wood Grips TM MEU Magazine
  2. RockDog

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thanks for the picture comparisons beretta.
  3. RockDog

    1911 Picture Thread

    Ive also notice he has a flat finish to the back of the slide lock where the others are oval, but this is an easy mod if you have the right tools. Well spotted on the logo on the rear of the frame. Maybe its an early version of the Tercel?
  4. RockDog

    1911 Picture Thread

    How often do you have to re-polish that Stealth?
  5. RockDog

    DogHouse Springfield Custom

    My Custom pringfield Project 80% done.
  6. RockDog

    1911 Picture Thread

    Bugger, I so wanted one in that finish. Nice work, credit to ya punisher!
  7. RockDog

    1911 Picture Thread

    Id like to know too where you got it. Very nice!
  8. RockDog

    1911 Picture Thread

    Nice work Punisher. Got any details on the specs?
  9. RockDog

    1911 Picture Thread

    Dont get me wrong, Im a big fan of the pachmayr rosewood & rubber grips, but get a set of genuine pachmayr rubber grips like the original mate. With that finish should look spot on!. Just my opinion mind! Nick
  10. RockDog

    1911 Picture Thread

    Be interested in how the socomgear kit is too.
  11. RockDog

    1911 Picture Thread

    That bomar looks the business, thanks for posting the pics up. Obviously alot of time, hard work and money has gone into it. Nice one
  12. RockDog

    My Collection 2009

    My collection as of 2009 with details on the builds and customisations.
  13. RockDog

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    Im really liking this. Will be on next years crimbo list at the current exchange rate though.
  14. RockDog

    My Collection 2008

    My Collection of weapons as of 2008
  15. RockDog

    WA 1911 & WA Colt Series 70

    A work of art Chris. love what you've done with the picture.

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