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  1. Bugger, I so wanted one in that finish. Nice work, credit to ya punisher!
  2. Id like to know too where you got it. Very nice!
  3. Nice work Punisher. Got any details on the specs?
  4. Dont get me wrong, Im a big fan of the pachmayr rosewood & rubber grips, but get a set of genuine pachmayr rubber grips like the original mate. With that finish should look spot on!. Just my opinion mind! Nick
  5. Be interested in how the socomgear kit is too.
  6. That bomar looks the business, thanks for posting the pics up. Obviously alot of time, hard work and money has gone into it. Nice one
  7. RockDog

    My Collection 2009

    My collection as of 2009 with details on the builds and customisations.
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