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  1. Thanks for the comments. The VFC lower frame is great. I really like the final result, was abit worried it was going to look a little odd, but I like it. Thanks again for all the kind comments, makes it worthwhile.
  2. Lookes awesome Chris, where did you get the Pachmayrs from, as my boss is after a set for his WA
  3. Ah what they dont show you there mate is that it comes with an extended inner barrel too, so would have to leave the adapter in place. Thanks for the help though chief
  4. Cheers Chris. Im thinking of adding a silver hammer to it next, maybe a PDI one. Then need to find a silencer adapter for it. I think its a 14mm thread in the barrel so would have to be 14mm on both ends of the adapter. Any ideas where to source one bud? Thanks for the comments mate
  5. My latest project. Ive got a vintage 1911 and a Kimber Warrior (modern) so this is my attempts at a futuristic Springfield Armory 1911. Its a mix of Hi-Capa and TM MEU, but Ive kept it single stack because I like the look alot more. Anyway enough of the chatter, heres the pics. I will list the mods underneath. Its full metal and has awesome recoil. Modification Details Tokyo Marui M.E.U Pistol with the following: Airsoft Surgeon Shuey Custom Slide Creation Metal Silver Outer Barrel Hi Capa Front & Rear Sights Hi Capa Recoil Guide, Hop up & Blow Back Uni
  6. Your right mate, Im gutted I sold my WA now, cant find another anywhere. I think eHobby had them till about 1 month back. None anywhere, let hope they re-release it in the future.
  7. From the album: My Collection 2009

    This is my Tokyo Marui MEU which has gone through extensive modifications to replicate jonas Blaines Pistol off the US tv show 'The Unit'. Modifications: Tokyo Marui M.E.U Pistol Nova Kimber Warrior Frame & Slide with Novak Style Sights Nova Beaver Tail Grip Safety Nineball Oval Hammer Nineball Full Length Recoil Guide Nineball Silver Outer Barrel Nineball Extended Thumb Safety 6.01 Tightbore Inner Barrel Airsoft Surgeon Blow Back Unit Hi-Capa Piston Valve Guarder Enhanced Loading Nozzle Airsoft Surgeon 150% Enhanced Recoil Spring Airsoft Surgeon Enhanced Hammer Spring High Flo
  8. Love the olive drab grips, makes me want to build another olive drab 1911....hmmmm
  9. Sounds like you've pickered yer next rifle Chris! hehe
  10. The AS BBU is holding up quite well and seems to do a good job. I will be fitting some more to my other 1911 projects eventually, but its not urgent. Charlieboy69 - loving your Springfield, what frame is it that youve sanded and how do you keep it maintained Cheers
  11. Ive heard the electroplated frames are really good, not sure about the others though to be honest. maybe someone else could help.
  12. They are black mate. Im not sure, not had them off yet. I bought it s/h so they may have been kryloned.
  13. Thise grips are thanks to you fella. Thanks for that. Yeah I like the detonics to. Quirky little beast. Cant wait to get the guarder kit on it now.
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