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  1. Give the guy a break clearly he's very happy with his 1911...the superior gbb model in the airsoft world! Love yours by the way billy bob, it's similar-ish to mine (but yours is nicer)
  2. So would you recommend this over a AK47+ RPK kit?
  3. Looks very interesting, thanks for this
  4. Think i'd take this over the WE GBB version personally, no idea why though!
  5. Am i the only one who thought hmmm good idea? lol
  6. Thats a lovely piece the4thpower3, i'd love something even half as well done as that
  7. The JG SVD is indeed available in metal, great guide this kudos OP!
  8. I recall seeing a 1911 with a threaded barrel as standard can anyone confirm the manufacturer and where i might find one?
  9. Wow never knew it was that bad! Thanks for this review
  10. Could any of you fine gents direct me to an establihment where one may purchase a decent P90 magazine accomodating vest that won't cost the earth?
  11. Heroshark where did you get the drum mag? It looks seriously good, i need one for mine!
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