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  1. As I said, i'm searching a good HK416 stock to put battery inside !
  2. Repainted DBoys HK416 for a french SF loadout. Searching a good HK416 stock now.
  3. yeah ! i like it ! for me, it's basing on a G36K, not C what's your scope please ?
  4. I think i've found !!! I will use that : SPR Flash Hider & Silencer Is it's possible ? What do you think ?
  5. My only problem is the outer barrel, i want a more longer than a K. Anybody can tell me how i can put a barrel extention to the K version after removing the flash hider ? What's i can use ? 14 - ? 14 + ? Is I can use a M4 extension like this one : found on gunner For the grip, it's an error ! This one is good : For doing this, i'm using THAT
  6. Hello This is my custom project : G36-SG1 SD Counter Sniping HK417 cross (Why not a sopmod too) HK416 or SL9 or G36 magazine H&K G36k Jing Gong Hurricane multi silencer Bipod Not sure yet for the scope, perhaps THIS ONE And i'm searching for having a KV outer barrel like this (more longer than a K) : What do you think about ?
  7. and a thing like this one ? adapter
  8. Do you know if i can foud this kind of adaptator without the outer barrel ?
  9. Hello I just want to know how I can put a silencer on the KSC USP.45 with métal slide ? I see a lot of photo in the topics and i like it. But i don't want to buy the shooter design métal slide. Can I use the adaptator of the Usp Compact threaded barrel and put him on the .45 ? not the outer barrel ! i know he is for the Compact, just the adaptator. Have you a good solution ? thanks @+
  10. I've read a lot of thing with problems with the gearbox and/or dead on arrival. really, fist i would buy it, now, i'm not sure !! For infomation i confirm that the MAG magazine fit perfectly on it. @+
  11. Ok thanks ! But i prefer the galaxy ! I'm waiting for other review but hard to find some on the net ! @+
  12. Hello Just want to know what's happen with magazines now. What i can buy for having some more magazine (mid & hi) without problem ? What mag i can put on it ? Well ? BE ? STAR ? ACM ? Marui ? Thanks
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