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  1. Itsari


    Um yeah badass is in that somewhere wasnt ment to post that here :/
  2. I got a surf atm its got wonky bull bars and a bit of a dent in the chrome stupid ford focus ladies and there randomly stopping infront of me...
  3. just watched that bourne something film (mat damon) loads of sigs in that it made me happy lol
  4. YAY MINE CAME 2 HOURS AGO its the sex enough said heres a link to the exploded diagram http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y44/Itsar...552exploded.jpg i'll get some pics of it asap hmm its a bit small stupid photobucket...if you want a bigger one pm me and i'll email it to you
  5. yay for sigs my order got messed up should have mine tomorrow i'll stick some photos up when it comes also of the diagram if its there...i should of got a sling while i was at it :/
  6. Itsari


    does what it says on the tin
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