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  1. Apharmd

    G&G PDW99 (P90)

    Sold a while back, forgot to update.
  2. Apharmd

    G&G PDW99 (P90)

    Bump. Opening this one up to trade offers.
  3. Apharmd

    G&G PDW99 (P90)

    Drop to £230 posted.
  4. Apharmd

    G&G PDW99 (P90)

    Selling my G&G P90 as well. This gun has been skirmished once, and remained unused since. Has a working green dot and laser. Comes boxed with the supplied locap and a Viper magazine pouch. One thing I should warn about - the magazine catch which opens the feeding mechanism is slightly too short for Marui-compatible magazines. Asking for £250 posted, but will consider reasonable offers. I'm having trouble with posting pics, so hopefully the first pic is attached. The rest are here: https://imgur.com/a/uSYRL Thanks for your interest.
  5. Apharmd

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    Strange question - is there a bottom rail available that will let you mount a M203?

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