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  1. would it be considered an abomination if someone put an EOtech Red dot on an L85? Toggle Side Panel
  2. quick question. Will theak scopes fit on the SVD? and the SVD on the AK? Becouse the rails look different.
  3. I wish i had a T-72 tank i could just put a giant foam rocket in to canon and it is ready for airsoft lol
  4. belaRUSSIAN... lol yeah well technicaly your right. but Belarus is AWSOME. plus thier flag is cool
  5. it lasts long enough for a few games.
  6. can u send me pictures of that and maybe write a review?
  7. LESS TALK!!!! MORE PICTURES!!!!!! i love the FNC and FAL lets see some of those!
  8. this was a while ago but itis my most recent picture. i am loading my high cap (i hate highcaps but i use what i got)
  9. the condor 7 pocket from Evike, that is the on i have it is very effective

  10. buy the condor it is good i have one

  12. nice BB cannon you got there. i like the mag you tied to the stock.
  13. This is Blasthamy! this is Madness! Madness? THIS IS ARNNIIIESSSS!!!!!!!! *kicks sadigh into a pit of cheap 0.12 bbs ( oh the horror!) * sorry... the made up and fictional rules of the internet placed forward by 4chan dictate that it had to be done or else someone ( you) would divide by zero!
  14. Epic win, that akms looks great congratulations on your new gun, nice pictures.
  15. you are from Tajikistan? HELLO!!! how are you! i am from Armenia! my uncle did a lot of business in the Tajikistan SSR. Btw Nice Gun! very good.

    Armenian/Russian troops

    Well just a bunch of my pictures, some spetsnaz, omon, cool pictures, ect. I will update everynow and then so check in offten.
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