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Warhog Driver!!!

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  • Birthday 11/02/1990

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  • Airsofter since
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    I have a very varied colection

    KJ MK1
    KJ MK1 Carbine
    4 Mags Between Them

    Custom MP5 SD5

    DE UMP(Needs serious repair)

    WE Hi-Capa 5.1

    KJ para- Ordinance

    KJ M9 Special Forces(its got a rail and a silencer adapter)

    other things...

    Got Full British Soilder 95

    Mk6 Helmet

    other stuff
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    Fear The Pink Mist!!!...
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    United Kingdom

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    England, near Ay
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    Sports:<br />Skiing, Airsoft, Watersports, Biking, Swimming, Gym/Getting Hench<br /><br />Other:<br />My Job(Im A LifeGuard), Learning to drive, loads of other things
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