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  1. Wow, its been awhile since i've been on here. Is that real MC Fallenguard?
  2. You looking for a replica one? Or are you set on real-steel? Replica 3x magnifiers can be found for around 100$ (really nice quality), and from review are pretty durable. http://ebaybanned.com/product_info.php?cPa...roducts_id=1031 There's one for 44$ (shipping not included). Don't know anything from reviews though. Just givin out ideas.
  3. I remember a year back or so, when we all saw our first "Multicam Peltor Head Band" that covered the cushion on the headset, or the first "Multicam SAW Mag Cover", or even the "Multicam Hydro Coated Dildo"... And back then, we said "Yep, now I've seen everything in multicam." ...I think we all just under-estimated the true power of it all...
  4. Had that "Barbie For Men" background on my PC for awhile. Freaking hilarious. Nice gear L_S, mind me asking what SIR System that is? ICS? CA?
  5. Ahh ok. I knew it was something like that. Thanks for clearing it up for me.
  6. Nice loadout. I love the look of MAPs on the back of plate carriers, but I always thought it added more character when you add other pouches instead. Looks good. Are the pouches on the back suppose to be accessible by you? Or teammates?
  7. Ah I see. I just can't believe that the M32 hasn't made its way into our lives yet. You dont see many soldiers carrying them. I don't understand why, I mean, they're heavy and bulky. But they do what the M79 can do, only 6 times over.
  8. Yea man. I hear you there. Those guys know a lot, and I love having so many around. Lets you learn a bunch and help out. Really the special forces soldier look you're going for, you could honestly wear whatever you'd like. The Bulle vest would be fine. Its mostly about what you think would look cool.
  9. Chillindrdude - Thanks man. Sorry but I don't have any pics of it in the field, and sadly won't. I sold all that gear already, and I'm in a painfully long process of building a high-speed multicam setup. (a bigger challenge than I expected) But im glad you likie. Like Blarney said, you really can wear whatever the heck you want. Little more intel on the Bulle vests. They're 40$, which seems nice, but the real-deal version of that vest is the Eagle Industries Rhodesian vest, if you want to just take a look at that. They run about 150$ brand new. Maybe search some pictures online, and
  10. Thanks for the intel guys. I'll look into the converse desert warriors, and wiley gloves for sure. You all make my bank go broke. You know that?
  11. Sorry if I've confused you mate. The ELCS is the vest I am wearing. DCU is Desert Combat Uniform. So when I referred to the DCU being much more uniform for you, I wasn't referring to another vest. I was referring to the ELCS in a desert pattern color. lol like I said, I don't know if you were confused, but just clearing things up. I realized I may have been a bit confusing. I don't remember specifically, but I think G&P makes a good replica ELCS vest. You might want to take a look around WGCshop.com. They should carry it there. Sorry I dont have much intel on the Bulle vest.
  12. You know Echo, I always say that when I'm about to paint my rifles. "I might have time this weekend" I often come back later on in the same night posting pictures of my newly painted rifle. I think you may be the same way, hehehe. I vote digital scheme. Nice rifle dude.
  13. STL - Nice helmet. I like the paint design on it now, looks kind of used. But if you'd like to do a net style painting, it's quite easily done. First you need to lay down a nice coat of whatever base paint (most people will lay down Khaki or something) then when it dries, you lay down the netting. The net can be anything from 1" fish netting, to 1 milimeter netting. Look around for sizes at your local walmart or fabric store, and just use whatever you'd like. Theres no specific size. Lay down the netting and spray over your second layer. Most people try to do a thick kind of blended stripe pat
  14. Kliskey - Ahahaha! Mate you wonder why you're bank account is broken!! Nice combat MC gear dude. CerberusCO - Very nice. I'm liking the knee-pads. I've seen a review on them, and didn't take them seriously when the guy was trying to show their movement capabilities by doing karate jump kicks. But if you insist, maybe I'll check into gettin a pair? Nice SAW. stewpidbear - Awesome loadout man. I see you have the same knee-pads as cerberusco. Definately going to look into them more. I like the deltoid pads, thats something new to the table. I've seen them around, just never thought of
  15. Based on his discription of equipment, I dont know if the ELCS is what he should go for. I used to rock a Woodland ELCS with woodies back in the day. With the ORC MCU, I think he might be looking for a more modern vest? I could be wrong though, the rest of his gear sounds like it could fit. Don't want to flood the place with pictures, but you get the general idea of the ELCS. A DCU would look MUCH more uniform for you, although you see plenty of SF guys from earlier 2000's with woodland ELCS ontop their DCUs. (but then again, those guys didn't really wear any clothes at all excep
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