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  1. Yeah I found that out today, I had a big Insurgent role playing game today so I bought this beautiful VFC AKS-74UN just for this game a few weeks before, I didn't have enough time to get mags for it so I had to borrow a friends TM Ak47hicap. I could only shoot burst with anywhere from 1-4 bbs firing at a time before I had to wind the mag to 4-15 firing. It was very annoying. I'm going to get some mid caps for furture games.
  2. You got some pretty good looking AKs there.
  3. ninjabadger, that looks really good man.
  4. Deepeyes: That is an amazing gun dude, I think it looks a lot better without the M203. But again, thats just me.
  5. I personally think gold on guns like that looks like absolute trash.
  6. sgtHanzo: Sweet vest dude, I guess you have a one of a kind at your site now.
  7. Tommygunn: Very nice gun dude. That pic made me think of Saving Private Ryan from that one scene when they attacked the MG42 position.
  8. Nice fan you got yourself there Tef. Oh...yeah and you have a pretty nifty gear setup.
  9. hitman: Very nice dual guns, you have inspired me to make a dual set now
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