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  1. your style and the skillz are awesome!
  2. RIXX

    Artistic Airsoft

    too bad. was a hell of a loadout - I checked out you page yesterday. the "heat" shootout looks awesome.
  3. RIXX

    Artistic Airsoft

    M79 ... you got some ruff neighbourhood btw haven't seen you in a while. still got your force recon gear?
  4. Kandahar Plate Carrier Pouches by Paraclete and SDS Racal Urban Headset
  5. awesome! your work is just great!
  6. thanks I call it post oldschool
  7. Safariland Body Armor Camelbak BDU RAID MICH 2000 Hatch Operator gloves Danner acadia deser boots Racal urban headset TT 2 piece MAV US GI Strobe Light pouch 2 x BHI double 556 2 x hand grenade TT pistol mag pouch 2 x BHI smoke pouch (w. Alice Clips) 2 x modded Alice Pack pouches EI Duty Belt Safariland 3005 BHI Lanyard LBT medic pouch LBT E&E pouch LBT 3 x 556 drop leg EI FB M4 Kydex pouch BHI double pistol mag pouch 1280x720
  8. some kind of boba fett style I like it
  9. awesome just need one straight mag
  10. iam sure this one will get home safe and in one piece nice couple
  11. this snow camo paint job is awesome! 10 Points!
  12. yes indeed .. iam shocked
  13. really like the "simple" is this Kit! do you wear this to skirms also?
  14. Thanks for the info - very nice loadout!
  15. early OEF DCU RAID w. tan US Flag and Glint Tabs Danner Acadia Boots OR Gaitor Safariland BA SO Tech Hellcat old gen EI Duty Belt EI SAS MK Holster EI double 9mm EI FB M4 BHI 200 RD Camelbak Hatch Operator Gloves Hatch Kneepads Racal Headset
  16. Miami Vice dejavu anyone?
  17. very nice setup, like the mix of woodland camo and olive drab
  18. like the gun like the kit like the picture but iam not a fan of this optic...
  19. love the both DCU oldschool kits ! please more
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