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    Jan 2004
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    L.A.W. 66 Banzooka (License revoked) ;)

    TM ICS M4 with Samurai c33 handguard, G&P vert grip and Tac-Light (Roseanne)
    Pair of TM Mp5k's (Brian and Dave)
    TM Mk23 Socom (SPOD)
    Pair of KSC Glock 19's (Metal slide) (Dexter & Sinister)
    Koshai CO2 revolver (Sheila)
    TM Spas 12 (Matilda)
    TM G36C (Kirk)
    TM/STAR G36 SL9 (Angelina)
    Mac-11 (Ruby)
    Pair of TM Hi-capas (Anubis and Horus)
    Tanaka S&W M629 Performance Center V Comp (The Samaritan)
    CA249 with box mag (Bertha)
    L96 clone - (River)
    HFC Hard Rubber Bayonet

    My Immediate wish list:
    Clone UMP

    My Long term wish list:
    HK416 DX

    VCR bill? Bring it on! :)
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    Meet the twins, bitch!
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    United Kingdom

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