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  1. Yes mate, but that's a long way from 'never'.
  2. Dude, do you really want me to go through the PMC loadout thread and pick out a bunch of pictures of a Real life PMC's wearing camo? FFS, there's even one of a guy in US desert cam with 'Contractor' over his pocket rather than US ARMY. It's reccomended that they not wear BDU, but some do anyway.
  3. OH NOES! UNIMATRIX AM CLOSING! Just to add my two-pennorth into this discussion:- Moderators are here for YOUR good, and we try and serve the best interests of the forum population. However, we don't get paid enough to deal with consistant agitation, either. Unimatrix has proven track record for picking on the Armalite - look at his most recent post in the 'gun and car' thread for the latest in his great line of Armalite bashing wit. TMC was PERFECTLY justified in giving you warning points as he did.
  4. I totally see your point about making it a SAW - my ICS M4 actually has a full stock and will have a RIS added once I can afford it - I do wanna add a 'vertical' grip to the side rail when I can for when I tool up as a 'support gunner'. The other major advantage is for playing at Electrowerkz - the ability to lay down sheer volume of fire without reloading is a massive tactical advantage there Check my blog for something that might interest you.....
  5. I'm big and strong enough to find that the M4's box mag doesn't impede my movement that much, and like I said, it's usually for defence games where I'll be staying in one place and laying down a lot of fire in one direction. I *do* appreciate mobility when I'm playing that role - if I wanna run light, I'll be carrying either the AUG or put a PDW stock on one of my MP5K's. It's hourses for courses - think of it like golf clubs - you wouldn't use a sand wedge to make a long drive, would you?
  6. First off...I *am*, whilst loathe to admit it, something of a geardo. Whilst I don't have the superiority complex that seems to come with spending a small fortune on gear, I do like to create themed loadouts - usually based on movies like Tears of the Sun or Bad Boys or the Punisher etc etc. I'm not out to create dead on screen accurate loadouts - I'm quite happy to use Viper kit so long as it looks 'ok' and creates the right 'impression. On the second point - I've got several accessories for my m4 - a box mag, an M203, and an aimpoint. I don't use them all at once, though - the box
  7. As above, all 'hostages' in that kind of situation should be treated as hostile until confirmed otherwise. Cuff em, extract em, search em and confirm ID.....then they get let loose.
  8. Have you confirmed Shipping to the UK yet....?
  9. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...topic=42327&hl= Rapier, Any idea why the big retailers (WGC, GNG etc) aren't stocking it?
  10. Ship these to the UK and you can have my firstborn child! Just editing your post because you think you can get away with editing mine - elrey
  11. 'M4's with silencers' thread has now been merged with this one.
  12. Nine ball do both, but all the slides availiable for the hi-capa that they do are ABS plastic.
  13. As Above. We've had issues before where members suffered legal consequences over kit that had been 'misappropriated' and we would apprecaite additional proof that such a situation wouldn't arise again. Paperworks a pain in the *albartroth*, you see.
  14. Problem is still evident for me.
  15. I've decided to pimp out my 2011's with nine ball slides, custom chrome trigger and hammer, and a long slide release. $187 of upgrades per pistol, cos I can't just pimp one of the pair. My wallet hates this sport.
  16. 'Mark all forums as read' cookie function seems to no longer work. Confirmed this is not an issue with my system with several other users.
  17. I'd suggest this as worthwhile in the sale sections, but not the rest of the forum.
  18. BZZZT. COMPUTER SAYS NO. The database error meant the orignal users post didn't show up in the thread, leaving a thread with just a title. Thread still had to be manually deleted by a moderator.
  19. The rules state discussion of upgrading your gun past the 328 limit is prohibited. The fact you were putting a high powered spring obviously has an affect on the bushings - the whole question is relavent. A simple re-wording of the question would have sufficed in this case, though. "I want to upgrade my gun to 328 or so, but the metal bushings I bought don't seem to fit in the gearbox. Is this normal, and is it ok to leave the nylon bushings in if I can't get them to fit?" I personally didn't delete your thread - I would have PM'd you and asked you to re-post with such wording.
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