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  1. I hate you. I wish to kill you and steal your guns. Will post my dual gunning stuff tomorrow.
  2. That's it, I'm buying that thing after xmas. One thing, LEd - How hard is that rail to install on a k?
  3. Not a clue on the make, but they're only $25 or something. http://www.airsoftny.com/shop/index.php?ma...products_id=112 I got free shipping by typing in a product code - there's a couple of them kicking around in people sigs. Will post a review when they arrive.
  4. It's a dual shoulder holster. The pistols go under my arms, sitting horisontally, the slides parallel to the ground. Watch training day - denzel washinton has one. I'm not sure how well it'll work, TBH, but if it doesn't I can use it with my OTHER duty belt to carry my hi-capas on the occasions where I don't wear the full 6 pistol rig.
  5. Currently the rig has two hips, a right thigh, two SOB and a left thigh dump pouch, plus a canabalised MP5k battle bra acress the chest. You can see it here before I added the dump pouch and the magazine pouches. I'm adding one of these once it shows up.
  6. Nah, you don't need to quote me. I just wanted to get your opinion. Amen. I currently got a 6 pistol rig. Will be 8 once my Airsoft New york order arrives.
  7. Dude, where did you get those compensators?
  8. Why 4 m39r's and 3 mac 11's, dude? You only got two hands....
  9. The sig file limits for pictures are 400wide by 100 tall. A few pixels either way aint a problem (my old one used to be 412 high, for example.) but frankly yours IS too tall. If you feel that other members have taller sigs, I'd be grateful if you pointed out such examples. I personally can't remeber any that don't get pruned fairly quickly. Or try using this.
  10. You don't. And asking is against forum rules. Please, no-one answer his question I won't have to lock this otherwise useful thread.
  11. It'd be useful, no doubt, but it would be a PITA changing everything else already posted over.
  12. BZZZT! Well, the one I hold in my hand right now is all plastic.
  13. Wierldy, I also know where the picture is from. It's from a flash animation, can't remember the name, but a guy orders a 'monster penis' from the internet.
  14. Christ, that gun's bigger than you!
  15. Hit the report button and they'll be moved. The nature of the software means what you ask isn't possible, afaik.
  16. Take your point about the jamming issue (having had it happen to me when I decided to just take my m4 box into the field as it was too hot to be faffed with a vest), but the ammo limit thing? "You can only take a hi-cap." "Ok." *Fill's hi-cap and decants 350 bb's into a boxmag* You don't have to fill it all the way up.......
  17. Personally, I'm of the opinion that the reason CA made the gun take standard mags because they don't supply a box mag as standard. Lets face it, if you've bought a 249, you're going to be using it with a box mag. Using a standard H16 STANAG just seems like a waste of potential. I'm reserving judgement till these have seen more action, but I AM saving up for one of these. I've always believed that paying over the odds for a support weapon in airsoft was daft, and the STAR 249 allows me to have a support weapon in the armoury without breaking the bank.
  18. The technical term for a pyrotechnic that has an electric detonator rather than a chemical fuse. The 2.5g ones are equivalent in sound to a mk5, so they are great for setting up ambushes.
  19. See the top bar? Between Calendar and Gallery is the word 'Blogs'. Click it, it might suprise you.....
  20. Why not just start an off-topic thread?
  21. It does. Cazboab, Marlowe, Joeking and Gene.
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