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  1. Happy Birthday my lord, when will you return to smite the ungodly! PRAISE HIM! PRAISE HIM!

  2. You, sir, are AMAZING.

  3. Loving the splittermuster trousers... Interesting shoulder-boards...cant tell the rank from here though...are they Heer? Luftwaffe? Which feldbluse is that? M43? Cool kit
  4. Nice ARs....but I can't understand why people would want to condemn themselves to burn in hell by putting an EoTech anywhere near their gun...
  5. Vicious, my heart has now stopped by looking at that rather..lage collection (in a very good way) I'm considering a G19 for my primary and a baby-glock as a backup.
  6. tried that....we had to leave the poor bugger cos he was making too much noise. We came back and found out he had got jumped. Luckily they only got a couple of his tags. After that we made him take off the trousers and do the rest of the night-ex in a DPM field shirt and jacket, boots, socks and underwear! I still laugh about it! Anyways, Onto my rant: RAF Security & the ACLO at RAF Akrotiri - Only a few days ago I was in Cyprus on holiday and had planned a visit to Akrotiri for many months. My CO contacted the ACLO (Air-Cadet Liason Officer) but never got a reply. Anyways, my CO
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