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  1. i just got this helmet as well yesterday, and i am thinking to put the ops core padding clone http://www.thebeijingshop.com/fma-helmet-adj-system-for-mich-de-p-818.html do you guys think it will fit?
  2. Hi, I am wanting to install Madbull DD RIS II http://madbull.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=391 into my Inokatsu M4A1, but I am not really sure about the compatibility since the rail system is made for AEG, so I wonder if there is any other work needed especially for the Delta ring fitting into the receiver or it just fit in perfectly without modification, anyone ever tried this?
  3. just wondering if the PTS PMAG M version fits on King Arms M4 receiver especially for the Larue model, because the old version of PMAG wont fit at all, while EMAG fits perfectly for my KA receiver...
  4. that's a very nice paintjob Eizen... what kind of paint do you use??
  5. i also got Scarpa Kailash GTX from US seller with discounted price , this pic is taken when just arrived several months ago, at first time i wore it, the boots is so stiff and a little bit uncomfortable, but after several times on the field this boots is perfect for my feet... i really recommend this boots for any hikers especially if you are digging modern 75th Ranger impression this boots is awesome, it's a bit heavier than any other boots on its class (Asolo FSN 95, Merrel Sawtooth, etc) but i am sure this boots will take heavy punishment on the field...
  6. ^^ nice dog, maybe you should put some on Multicam gears specialized for K9 operator
  7. great review uscm, btw, how do you like it compared to Tango Down AFG short version?
  8. @plasticmag: is that plastic receiver version? and which brand do you use of for the RIS ?? need any mods needed to fit the receiver??
  9. something what me and my mate did a little while ago... still far to be called a good impression though, need a lot of improvement
  10. does it dented or deformed when got hit by high velocity BBs?
  11. nice... i just knew about that... i wish i could attend Magpul class and owning a real AR15
  12. LOL, good eye uscm, i have my reason to put that patch that way
  13. my new King Arms Larue Tactical 9" AEG added some Magpul PTS furnitures maybe i will replace the front set with DD MK18 in the future and i'm still unsure whether to stick with the E-Mod stock or switch into UBR or CTR stock... any ideas guys??
  14. here is my latest AEG i just bought, added some Magpul PTS furnitures, maybe i will replace the buttstock and the frontset in the future...
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